Adventurers' Pack

From Darfuria

The original Adventurers' Pack came from the official TSR AD&D module Palace of the Silver Princess (

Among the pre-generated characters at the back of the module there were three different adventurers' packs - Pack A, Pack B and Pack C (see page 32 -

Several players from the Darfuria campaign continued to refer to the Adventurers' Pack as Pack A for many years, despite its origins being almost certainly forgotten. 'A' for 'Adventurer' perhaps?

This is the standard Adventurers' Pack we tend to use.

The Adventurers' Pack

Item Cost Enc Item Cost Enc
10-section 10 foot pole,

parts screw together

1gp 80 Garlic 1sp 1
2 lb. hammer 8sp 20 Belladonna 4sp 1
10 iron spikes 10cp 50 Stick of French chalk 1sp 1
Silver mirror 10gp 5 100ft ball of string 1sp 1
50ft rope 4sp 75 5 wax candles 5sp 5
1 week’s iron rations 5gp 75 Hooded lantern 7gp 60
2 waterskins (empty) 30sp 10 Tinderbox 1gp 2
2 large sacks 3sp 40 10 flasks of lamp oil 10gp 100
Leather backpack 40L

(saves at +2 vs. fire)

15gp 40 Small knife 10sp 3

Encumbrance: 60 (assuming neatly packed, with space for more goodies!)

Weight: 40lbs

Cost: 40gp when sold as a whole kit.

Can be bought as a whole kit at many decent adventuring supplies' shops throughout Darfuria.

Comes in a leather backpack that has been treated with a secret fireproofing formula (+2 on all saves versus fire).