Arion Tanarl

From Darfuria

Arion is a male human ranger who lives in Terseus, Temple of Thor. He was married to Omigron and they had a son called Semmerith.

A long time in the past, Arion, along with Castrol and Olaf Ragnarsson defeated a huge number of giants and a few Nassar to rescue Omigron and perhaps some others from their clutches. As a result, Arion gained some Nassar equipemnt and married Omigron.

When Arion and Omigron separated, Omigron took custody of their child, Semmerith the Strong.

Arion was originally Richard's character. WHen Richard left the game late in 1984 and gave away all of his characters, George became Arion's custodian.

Arion has four arms and glowing red eyes. He looks like a freak.