From Darfuria

Darfurian astrology has 20 different star signs. Each period lasts for 18.25 days, approximately.

Looking up into the night sky looks a little like being in the centre of a giant cosmic d20, with the brightest stars at all the points on the die.

Darfurians also use a similar astrology to that on the human world, Earth, although how and why is something of a mystery.

The following information is incomplete.

1. The Haddock (fire sign)

These people typically are gregarious lounge lizards who tend to be a bit lazy and are inclined to follow rather than lead. They can be very clumsy and accident prone. They can also be very lucky in the manner of the drunken fool. Haddock can dislike or love getting outside their comfort zone as it makes them irritable/irrational/bad-tempered or passionate/excited/exhilarated.

2. The Walrus (earth sign)

A walrus is typically slow and lumbering, or graceful and sleek. They can be deep thinkers, and sensual creatures, in touch with the earth and nature. They can be sensitive to changes in weather.

3. The Emu (air sign)

Those born under the sign of the emu are often ambitious, hard-working, scatterbrained, impulsive, shallow, frivolous, and avoid facing up to difficulties. They can be conceited and pessimistic, and aloof unless dealing with those they feel are their own kind.

4. The Gnu (water sign)

These people are very sociable and feel happiest when in a large crowd. They have a tendency for stubbornness and continuing to make the same mistakes. They like routine and order and are generally open and generous with their time and possessions.

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