From Darfuria

Here are a collection of maps of Darfuria.

First Update

Below is the second Darfuria map. This update was drawn by Yvonne in 1985 and labelled by Cliff.

The Original Map

Below is the original map of the realm of Darfuria. There is a bandit stronghold, noted in pencil, where the mini-adventure Nallow's Bandits took place.

Drawn by Cliff in 1983 or 1984.

Notable places: Belegul, Chon Mountains, The Nangwath, River Nishada, Hebba, Ancona, Tieli, Kol-Ibur, Sardisian Mountains, River Panchala, Plains of Jaluta, Tibesti, Ralthar, Ral Partha Volcano, Esna, Taur Geldor, Castle Semna, Tanil Hills, Ikkur, Deraheib, Siega, River Kuru, River Yadu