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Deraheib is the capital city of Darfuria. It is a large sprawling cosmopolitan port on the the west bank at the mouth of the River Yadu. Deraheib is around 10km long north to south and 2km wide east to west at its widest point.

The colosseum is the largest in all the land and is where the Adventurers' Tournament takes place at the start of each year.

The King’s Main Palace is located in Deraheib, near the Old Town.

Population: approx 180 000

Wirdlewimley's Marmalade has its main factory near the docks, the smell nearby is particularly orangey.

Thrurfrur Wirdlewimley and Fiametta Wirdlewimley's mansion is located in the most affluent part of town.

Docks and Main Harbour

International as well as regional and local coastal shipping.

Fishing Harbour

This is located a way south of the main trading harbour. Fishing boats from here fish the estuary waters and beyond.

Ferry to Seiga

There is a regular ferry service across the estuary to Seiga. The ship sails every day at 11am and 6pm.

The tarif is 10sp per person, 1 gp for a horse and 2 gp for a wagon.


Houses the new and very modern barracks.

The Spice Market

This district is known for its vibrant and colorful bazaars, where merchants from all over Darfuria come to sell their wares. The air is filled with the scent of exotic spices and herbs, and the streets are crowded with shoppers haggling over prices.

The Temple District

This district is home to a number of ornate temples and shrines dedicated to the various gods worshipped in Darfuria. The buildings are adorned with intricate carvings and colorful murals, and priests can be seen going about their daily rituals.

The Financial District

This district is where many of Darfuria's wealthy merchants and bankers conduct their business. The streets are lined with grand buildings and elegant cafes, and the air is filled with the sound of money changing hands.

The Artisan Quarter

This district is where Darfuria's skilled craftsmen and artisans ply their trades. Visitors can watch as blacksmiths forge intricate metalwork, weavers create beautiful fabrics, and potters mold delicate pottery.

The Waterfront District

This district is where many of Deraheib's residents live in colorful houses built along the water's edge. Fishermen can be seen casting their nets into the bay, and children play in the shallows.

The University District

This district is home to Darfuria's largest and most prestigious university. The campus is spread across several blocks and includes libraries, lecture halls, and research centers. Students from all over the country come here to study a variety of subjects, from literature to medicine to magic.

The Old Town

A maze of twisting streets and old buildings full of history and probably ghosts.

The Shadow Market

This district is a haven for black market traders, smugglers, and thieves. Hidden alleyways lead to hidden dens where illegal goods are sold, and shadowy figures lurk in doorways, eyeing potential marks.

The Red Light District

This district is home to brothels, gambling dens, and other illicit activities. The streets are lined with neon lights and the air is thick with the scent of perfume and smoke.

The Slums

This district is where Deraheib's poorest residents live in squalid conditions. The streets are dirty and crowded, and crime is rampant. Gangs and street urchins roam the alleys, and desperate people will do whatever it takes to survive.

The Underground

This district is a network of tunnels and catacombs beneath the city. Rumors say that it is home to cultists, dark wizards, and other nefarious groups who perform forbidden rituals in secret.

The Industrial District

This district is home to factories and mills where workers toil long hours in dangerous conditions. The air is thick with smoke and the sound of machinery, and accidents are common. Many of the workers are desperate for a way out, and some have turned to crime to make ends meet.

Famous residents

Astrid, Druskin, Galzai of Larsha, Gimley, Karus, Pious Kwaird, Moola, Poluki, Radnor, Raniel the All-Told, Melitta Seret, Slurb, Condo, Belaiza, Wanto, Rimmel, Heigfof, Grobal, Monjunkin, Tanzock, Senal, Nortast Zelep, Leif Eriksson, Omigron, Semmerith, Gaz of Paz, Pellub Badoop, Floyd.


Aphrodite, Xionbarg, Posiedon, Hermes, Frey, Dionysus, Ukko, Odin, Kos, Loviotar, Bes, Apollo, Tsukiyomi, Yog-Sothoth, Donblas, Arawn, Enki, Raven, Snakeman, Dagda, Athena, Indra, Itzamna, Thor

Public houses

  • The Middle and Both Ends (Founded by The Destruction of the Shadow Lanthorn Part 2)
  • The Blunt Sword. Grobal's favourite, Fabien goes there too as they have live music. Senal and Baznu know it.
  • The Enchanted Toad. Known to Ozar.
  • The Rusty Hinge. Known to Zailean.
  • The Black Ribbon. Known to Skah and Chilimo.
  • The Pivoting Peacock
  • The Cold Flame. Rough, known to Guban and Fruban.
  • The Crossed Wands. Known to Maca, Grogafarla, Grolamitsu, Spierdalaj, Prdele.
  • The Rising Sun. Known to Tugan, Wedoja, Lido, Zegclite and Monjunkin and Ramble
  • The Frosty Walrus. Known to Walmerz, Tyvole, Blit, Chumble, Gethsemane, Devero, Shevasta, Dagzadric, Subzero, Mullan, Flenred.
  • The Blossoming Weed. Quiet place, known to Terrafarlow.

Thieves' Guilds

The Gatecrashers: largest, third most powerful. Badly organised, in-fighting.

The Brotherhood: second largest, second most powerful. Male rogues only. Guildmaster is Ravistakaa, wants Kovok's Gem. Seems to have some dealings with the Guardian Angels. A thief called Bob introduced some people to Ravistakaa, Solumbulee and Zelator.

The Tree: most powerful, third largest, very well organised, talented rogues. Powerful overseas connections.

Lightfingers: smallest and weakest. Generally disregarded as irrelevant by the other guilds.