Dragon Bank

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Dragon Banks

Dragon Banks can be found in Deraheib, Tibesti, Tieli, Hebba, Ancona, Seiga, Ikkur, Serrador, Zentgous, Iusiautt, M'qömre, Rafdoxque.

Dragon Cards come in five different colours and are widely accepted at many different establishments throughout Darfuria and beyond.

The limit on a Dragon Card can be increased by having a positive balance. A typical starting limit on the account will be a negative amount equal to the starting balance.

Dragon Cards often have a +1, +2, +3 etc. associated with them. This means that the character can spend up to an equal amount, double amount, triple amount, and so on, of their balance.

Exchanges are done at 5% no matter what.

Branches have a tombola, which is rigged, and grants a small prize ranging down to a very small prize, depending on how much coin etc is being exchanged. Customers will always have to use the tombola as part of any transaction.

No interest is paid to account holders with a positive balance.

Money is collected from negative account holders, usually without notice, in full, by dragons. People who don't or can't pay may die.

Full moons that occur at or very near the end of a month are popular days for dragons to collect.

Interest payable on the owed amount depends on dragon colour:

White: 10%

Black: 15%

Green: 20%

Blue: 25%

Red: 30%