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Druskin is a male human cleric from Deraheib.


Druskin is slim and athletic in build, with dark ginger hair and piercing blue eyes. He is quiet and reserved, his responses and actions seem measured and planned, yet he has an aura of burning intensity that seems formidable and intimidating. He carries a holy symbol of a black star on a grey background.

Personality Profile

Devoutly Ambitious: Druskin's loyalty to Arawn is unwavering, and he harbors ambitions of rising within the ranks of the temple hierarchy. He seeks to prove himself not only as a faithful cleric but also as a master craftsman in service to his god.

Reserved Demeanor: Druskin carries an air of reserved solemnity. His interactions with others are measured, and he often speaks in cryptic phrases, revealing little about his true thoughts or feelings. This enigmatic persona adds to his allure among fellow worshippers.

Discipline and Precision: Whether engaged in a spiritual ritual or hammering out the details of a new armor design, Druskin approaches every task with discipline and precision. He demands the same level of dedication from those around him.

Mastery of Dark Arts: Druskin is well-versed in the darker aspects of magic. His repertoire includes spells related to death, manipulation of shadows, and communication with entities from the nether realms. He views these abilities as gifts to be honed and used strategically.

Intricate Armor Designs: Druskin takes pride in his blacksmithing skills, creating intricate armors adorned with symbols of Arawn. Each piece is not only a practical defense but also a reflection of his dark aesthetic sensibilities.

Cunning and Calculated: His lawful evil alignment is evident in his cunning and calculated approach to advancing the interests of Arawn. Druskin understands the power dynamics within the temple and the city, and he maneuvers through them with a keen intellect.

Multilingualism: Druskin's studies have led him to learn two foreign languages, aiding him in deciphering ancient texts and communicating with individuals from distant lands. Additionally, he has acquired the ability to speak the language of gargoyles, fostering an unusual connection with these stone creatures.


Obsession with Advancement: Druskin's ambition to climb the ranks within the temple hierarchy often blinds him to potential threats or dissent within its walls. His hunger for power may make him vulnerable to manipulation.

Vulnerability to Light: Prolonged exposure to bright light weakens Druskin, affecting his dark magic and physical stamina. This vulnerability is a consequence of his deep connection to the shadows and the underbelly of the city.

Difficulty Trusting Allies: Druskin's secretive nature and constant maneuvering for power make it challenging for him to fully trust even those within his own temple. He tends to keep crucial information to himself, potentially hindering collaborative efforts.

Haunted Dreams: Druskin is plagued by haunting dreams and visions related to the dark forces he serves. These disturbing nightmares occasionally interfere with his focus during waking hours, making him susceptible to mental fatigue.

Fear of Betrayal: Druskin's rise through the ranks has made him wary of potential rivals and traitors within the temple. This fear of betrayal sometimes leads to overly cautious and paranoid behavior.

Complicated Ritual Requirements: Some of Druskin's more potent spells and enchantments require elaborate rituals, specific rare components, or alignment of celestial bodies. These intricate requirements can be exploited or disrupted by foes.

Strained Family Ties: Druskin's devotion to Arawn has strained his relationship with any surviving family members who may have different beliefs or allegiances. This emotional strain could be exploited by enemies seeking to exploit his vulnerabilities.


Druskin hails from a lineage that has long served the dark deity Arawn, a Celtic god known for his dominion over death, the afterlife, and dark magic. Born into a family of devout followers in Deraheib, Druskin's early years were steeped in the rituals and teachings of Arawn. As the only child of the family, he inherited the responsibility to continue the family's legacy of serving the deity.

In his formative years, Druskin displayed a keen interest in both the spiritual and practical aspects of his faith. While delving into the mysteries of necromancy and dark arts under the guidance of the temple, he also developed a fascination with the craftsmanship of armor and weapons. This duality of skills made him stand out among his peers, earning him the favor of the temple elders.

As a young cleric, Druskin's duties include not only tending to the spiritual needs of Arawn's followers but also crafting darkly enchanted armors and weapons for the temple's elite warriors. His proficiency in blacksmithing and armorcraft has become a testament to his commitment to the deity's cause.

In the city of Deraheib, Druskin stands as a formidable figure, a cleric who seamlessly combines the arts of dark magic and craftsmanship in the service of Arawn. His journey unfolds as he seeks to unlock greater secrets and ascend to a position of prominence within the temple.

Cryptic Bardic Poetry

Druskin has a knack for composing dark and cryptic verses that can influence the emotions and thoughts of those who hear them. His bardic poetry, delivered in hushed tones during rituals, can instill fear or invoke allegiance.

Shadows' Embrace:

  • In the realm where shadows dance,
  • A whispered waltz, a fateful trance.
  • Veiled in darkness, secrets entwine,
  • Fear takes root, as shadows combine.

  • Beneath the moon's cold, watchful gaze,
  • In silent echoes, dread arrays.
  • Fear not the night, but what it conceals,
  • For in shadows' embrace, true power reveals.

Arawn's Oath:

  • In cryptic whispers, shadows confess,
  • Arawn's will, a vow to possess.
  • Beneath the cloak of the starlit dome,
  • Sworn allegiance, a binding tome.

  • Blood and bone, entwined and sworn,
  • Darkened souls, to shadows reborn.
  • Fear the oath, its echoes profound,
  • In Arawn's name, eternal and bound.

These verses, spoken in hushed tones during rituals, carry an otherworldly cadence that resonates with the dark energies Druskin channels. The poetry serves to instill fear in the hearts of those who hear it or to invoke allegiance to the dark deity, weaving a mysterious aura around the cleric's presence.

Unusual Talents

Dark Calligraphy: Druskin is skilled in a unique form of calligraphy, using quills dipped in enchanted ink made from rare ingredients. His written symbols have magical properties, and he often uses them for warding and protective inscriptions.

Mystical Etching: Druskin is skilled in the art of mystical etching. Using enchanted tools, he can inscribe intricate symbols and wards onto surfaces, creating magical traps or protective barriers. These etchings glow faintly in the presence of magical energies.

Cryptic Divination: Druskin possesses an uncanny talent for divination using unconventional methods. He can interpret patterns in the flight of dark-winged birds, the shapes of shifting shadows, or the arrangement of fallen leaves to glean glimpses of future events.


Darfurian, Aln, Gargoyle. Eldrilese, Lareafese.

Second Skill


Non Weapon Profs

Armorer (INT -2), blacksmith (STR), slow respiration (n/a), spellcraft (INT -2).

Weapon Profs

Flail, hammer, staff, mace.

Saving Throws

  • PPD: 7
  • PP: 10
  • RSW: 11
  • BW: 13
  • S: 12

Luck Points: 11


Major access: all, necromantic, healing, divination, combat, guardian, astral

Minor access: charm, protection

  • 5 * 1st
  • 5 * 2nd
  • 4 * 3rd
  • 3 * 4th


All healing spells at +1/die.

Has seen the spell Sun Scorch cast.

Paid Wasa 500gp for poison.


PP: 125 | GP: 10207 | EP: 864 | SP: 612 | CP: 223

Costs: 800gp / month

Card: Blue Dragon +2

Limit: 125000

Balance: +62500


Buckle - platinum and gems (6000gp)

Buckle - coral (1800gp)

Locket - wrought silver (300gp)



+3 mace of speed

+2 mace, +4 vs undead

+1 staff

Anointed flail

Throwing hammers: 2

Molotov cocktails: 7


+3 Full plate armor

+1 shield

Great helm

High hard boots

Plate mail

Magic Items

Ring of Fire Resistance

Staff of Curing: 25 / 13

Incense of Meditation: 6

Gauntlets of Ogre Power

Manual of Quickness of Action


Potion of Random Healing: 4


Adventurers' Pack

Holy water: 5

Unholy water: 5

Silver holy symbol

Incense: 10

Prayer beads: 10

Torches: 6




Backplate from a bulette to make a +3 shield


Tunnels 7

Tunnels 8

When a Star Falls (4/6)

The Chemical Brothers (2/9)

M.M. A & C (2123)

Assault on the Sun Temple (6/8)

The Castle of Mithril (5/12)


Stagl Abadag, Astrid, Bakra Son of Baric of Sarath of The Qwarm, Blai Bonesnapper, Slellal Carlellon, Condo, Hirus Darblake, Fingers, Fisps, Galzai of Larsha, Huru, Jinjeet, Nugmil, Salandel, Sleeth, Slurb, Felquis Slywils, Nyren Teldork, Torqus, Thlaili, Wasa, Zargfrebe.