From Darfuria

Duneham is a male human magic user from Darfuria who lives on an island around 250 miles south of Yarlsberg and around 1000 miles south south west of Deraheib.

Duneham researched and created a variety of original spells and built a secure stronghold on his island.

When Duneham died and failed his resurrection roll, several of his friends embarked upon a long and bizarre expedition to bring him back from the outer planes.

One of the most memorable scenes from this adventure was when a couple of Graham's theives, probably Kyro and Kragg, were attempting to infiltrate a different thieves' guild, possibly in Hebba. Graham's thieves and the high level NPC guild officer thieves performed various bizarre acts to show off their pick pockets skills. It was hilarious. Graham's thieves were successfully admitted to the guild.

Duneham's return spawned Vaal, a character similar to Duneham but of opposite alignment with strange undead-like powers. The current relationship and status of Duneham/Vaal remains unclear.