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Eitycuely is a small town at the easstern end of the Plains of Jaluta.

A pub well known to local adventurers is the Harvest Moon. One of its regulars is Felazdundum, a 223-year-old dwarf who retired from his adventuring career at the age of 222 having finally reached F2. He gave a party the nickname "The Quitters".

The Dreary Yak is another pub in the Kal-Marsham district (the south part of town). Mathilda drinks here.

Bralda-Cun is the herbalist in Bunga Street.

Palthadan who lived in Perros Road could make level-up potions until he died, taking the secret with him to his grave.

Just outside the town is the cemetery where Dillon (killed by Tanzock) and Buttons (killed by a xvart) are buried, with all their adventuring gear.

Famous residents

Skah, Zawowski, Sirus, Laconia, Snothmol, Phendetta, Plomp, Azol Astrion.


Indra, Odin, Dagda, Vishnu, Solanor Thelandria, Tuoni, Agni, Ramman, Isis, Huan Ti.


The Harvest Moon The Dreary Yak