Finger of Tuna

From Darfuria

Finger of Tuna (alteration, illusion/phantasm)

  • Level: 1
  • Range: 6”
  • Duration: 6 hours/level
  • Area of effect: Special
  • Components: V,S,M
  • Casting time: 2 segments
  • Saving throw: Negates
  • Researched by: Pozor

Casting this spell simply causes any one finger or thumb of the victim, as chosen by the caster, to smell noticeably fishy. Whatever the victim does, washing, masking the smell with perfume, etc, will be unsuccessful and the smell of fish will prevail until the duration of the spell expires.

If the victim saves vs. spell, they remain unaffected. Should they fail their save, the victim must then make an INT check. If they pass this check, they are able to smell the offending digit themselves. If instead they fail their INT check, they do not notice the smell even if it is pointed out to them. This odour will be noticed by any normal human within 1’ of the victim per level of the caster.

The material components are a few fish scales, a jar of raw liver and a small silver bell, which must have been sounded sometime previously for an hour continuously, beginning either at noon or midnight, from precisely halfway across a river bridge. All items are consumed in the casting.