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Friüg is a village in the far south of Darfuria. It is located on plainsland and there are farms and meadows surrounding the area. The village centre has a number of businesses. There are roads leading out of Friüg northwest to M'qömre, south to Zeo and northeast to Taummoar.

Population: 919


Captain of the guard: Aric Stonghel

Captain Aric Stonghel is a stern and seasoned warrior who leads the guard in the small village of Friüg.

A veteran of many battles and skirmishes, Captain Stonghel is respected by his peers and the villagers alike for his unwavering dedication to protecting the community.

He is known for his strategic mind, tactical prowess, and strict adherence to the law, ensuring that order is maintained within the village and its surrounding areas.

Captain Stonghel oversees a small contingent of guards responsible for patrolling the village, enforcing laws, and responding to any threats or emergencies that may arise.

Under his command are a few sergeants who assist in organizing patrols, training recruits, and coordinating guard activities.

The privates of the guard are a mix of experienced veterans and newly recruited villagers eager to serve their community. They undergo rigorous training under the guidance of the sergeants to prepare them for their duties.

While Friüg may be a small village, Captain Stonghel runs a tight ship, instilling discipline and professionalism in his guards to ensure the safety and security of the residents.


  • Green's - a reputable alchemist shop owned by Thalwyn Green. All manner of spell components can be bought and sold
  • Smoky Hammer - a Blacksmith owned by a high elf called Aeriyn Varfíramil
  • Neva's Smithy - a Blacksmith owned by Neva Fabrizi
  • Queenie's: a Scroll and Potion Shop owned by Snae Grodi
  • Spell and Scroll: a Potion Shop and herbalist owned by Arlen Deglau
  • Farine's Quartz: a Jewelery Store owned by Tagli Farine
  • Regal Jewels: a Jewelery Store owned by Grellyn Diantoni
  • Lin's Gathering: a General Store and cookhouse owned by Lin Hurst
  • Marvelous Concessions: a General Store owned by Marlys Artarenwë
  • The General Implement: a General Store owned by Ayla Anma
  • Goodly Dancer: a Tavern owned by Ettard Siefkin, sleazy place, 10sp/night
  • The Lovely Lodge: an Inn owned by Lila Holiday, 25gp/night and a bonus to saving throws/to hit rolls the next day




  • Arlen Deglau Human Female Cleric 4 Owner of Spell and Scroll Whispers and Missing tooth
  • Dafyn Hageder Human Female Cleric 2 Patron Brave and Fascinated by magic
  • Merla Sorkol Dwarf Female Cleric 2 Patron Particularly long hair and Stooped back
  • Harlonus Bair Human Male Cleric 1 Patron Hot tempered and Bald
  • Belinase AdamchikHuman Female Cleric 1 Patron Strong opinions on politics and Clean
  • Ebb Echols Human Male Cleric 1 Patron Collector and Not very observant
  • Druuk Ullrich Halforc Female Cleric 1 Patron Strange eyes and Particularly low voice

Famous Residents

Aixy, Ona.