From Darfuria

The Village of Friüg

Population: 919

Captain of the guard: position vacant.

Smoky Hammer a Blacksmith owned by Aeriyn Varfíramil

Neva's Blacksmith: a Blacksmith owned by Neva Fabrizi

Queenie's: a Scroll and Potion Shop owned by Snae Grodi

Spell and Scroll: a Potion Shop and herbalist owned by Arlen Deglau

Farine's Quartz: a Jewelery Store owned by Tagli Farine

Regal Jewels: a Jewelery Store owned by Grellyn Diantoni

Lin's Gathering: a General Store and cookhouse owned by Lin Hurst

Marvelous Concessions: a General Store owned by Marlys Artarenwë

The General Implement: a General Store owned by Ayla Anma

Goodly Dancer: a Tavern owned by Ettard Siefkin Sleazy place, 10sp/night

The Lovely Lodge: an Inn owned by Lila Holiday 25gp/night and a bonus to saving throws/to hit rolls the next day

Temple of ? in Friüg

Arlen Deglau Human Female Cleric 4 Owner of Spell and Scroll Whispers and Missing tooth

Dafyn Hageder Human Female Cleric 2 Patron Brave and Fascinated by magic

Merla Sorkol Dwarf Female Cleric 2 Patron Particularly long hair and Stooped back

Harlonus Bair Human Male Cleric 1 Patron Hot tempered and Bald

Belinase Adamchik Human Female Cleric 1 Patron Strong opinions on politics and Clean

Ebb Echols Human Male Cleric 1 Patron Collector and Not very observant

Druuk Ullrich Halforc Female Cleric 1 Patron Strange eyes and Particularly low voice