From Darfuria

Galinka, Level 1/2 Neutral Good Half-Elven Magic User/Cleric:


Galinka's parentage is a mystery; she was left as an infant on the steps of a remote temple dedicated to a deity of magic and healing. Raised by the temple's clergy, she developed a unique talent for both arcane and divine magic. Her dual magical heritage allows her to heal the sick and wounded with her cleric abilities while wielding potent arcane spells.

Leftfield Talent:

Galinka possesses an extraordinary affinity for talking to inanimate objects. She can carry on one-sided conversations with statues, books, or even enchanted items, often gaining unexpected insights or knowledge.

Positive Traits:

Dual Magic: Her versatility in both divine and arcane magic makes her a valuable asset for healing and supporting her allies while also dealing damage to enemies.

Innate Curiosity: Galinka's inquisitive nature drives her to explore and seek knowledge, making her a dedicated learner and problem solver.

Empathetic Healer: She can sense the emotions and physical ailments of those she heals, allowing her to provide more personalized and effective care.

Negative Traits:

Dual Obligations: Balancing her roles as a cleric and a magic user can sometimes be overwhelming, leading to moments of doubt and self-imposed pressure.

Naïveté: Her sheltered upbringing within the temple has left her somewhat naïve about the world outside, making her vulnerable to deception or manipulation.

Attachment to Inanimate Objects: Her penchant for talking to objects can be viewed as eccentric, and it occasionally leads her to prioritize inanimate companions over people.


Star Gazing: Galinka enjoys studying the night sky and has a fascination with constellations and celestial events.

Herbology and Botany: Galinka has a fascination with the healing properties of plants. She spends time collecting and studying herbs, often experimenting with herbal remedies and poultices.

Collecting Trinkets: She has a collection of small, curious trinkets and charms, each with a unique story or history. She enjoys adding to her collection by trading with travelers and fellow adventurers.


Spiders: Galinka has an intense dislike of spiders and can't stand being near them.

Thunderstorms: She has a phobia of thunderstorms and becomes quite anxious during heavy storms.