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Grogafarla is a male half elf magic user from Serrador.


Grogafarla is an extremely slight, average height half-elf with turquoise eyes and long black hair adorning pale skin. If it isn't clear from his clothes and mannerisms that he's spent a lot of time in dimly lit libraries, his complexion certainly gives it away.

He wears elegant, red robes with innumerous pockets and plenty of mysterious jewellery. He carries two staves and has a vibrant purple prism floating around his head.

He is petrified of otters.

He has a tattoo of a red-tailed hawk on his arm (which increases his dexterity by one point). He also gains +1 damage per dice and a D6 hit-points upon level advance, both from wishes.

He owns 1/3 of a house with Prdele and Spierdalaj, 1/2 of a laboratory with Spierdalaj, and a small merchant ship whose name has been weathered somewhat. It is up for great debate whether it's called "The Beer of Drayorchor", "The Fear of Dreyovcher", or something else entirely.

He also researched a fifth level spell, "Shock Blades", but has seemingly either lost his research or has suffered too many knocks to the head, as he can no longer remember what it is or does.


At the tender age of 11, Grogafarla was already renowned for his prodigious intellect. Born to affluent parents, he was privileged to attend a prestigious grammar school. However, his physical frailty made him an easy target for bullies. But little did they know, Grogafarla harboured a secret - he was rapidly mastering the arcane arts of magic, a skill he kept hidden even from his closest confidants.

At 14, his passion for magic led him to leave the grammar school and embark on a journey to a famed arcane academy, a school dedicated to the mystical and the magical. Here, Grogafarla's talents flourished, and he became immersed in a world of enchantments and spells.

But his world was shattered at 15 when he returned home for a visit. The scene that greeted him was one of horror: his father, consumed by an unknown rage, had fatally wounded his mother. In a fit of fury, Grogafarla lunged at his father, only to be thwarted by an unseen magical force that held him in place, leaving him powerless to intervene or seek revenge.

Haunted by this tragedy, Grogafarla threw himself into his studies, seeking solace in the depths of magical knowledge. Three years passed in a blur of spells and sorcery until he found himself once again at his family home. This time, a bizarre and terrifying sight awaited him: his father, a shell of his former self, was trembling in fear, hiding from a colossal ant of unnatural size and demeanour.

In a moment of disbelief and unresolved anger, Grogafarla turned his back on the chaotic scene and walked away, leaving his father to an unknown fate. The giant ant, his father's strange behaviour, and the unresolved questions of his mother's death gnawed at him.

As Grogafarla ventured back into the world, he knew his journey was far from over. The mysteries surrounding his family, the magical forces at play, and the strange events of that day left him with more questions than answers. His quest for understanding and justice had just begun, leading him into a realm of dark magic, ancient secrets, and unforeseen challenges that would test the very limits of his magical prowess.


The Kidnappings in Ikkur, The Journey to Blick, The Fosweld Somnolence, Tugan's Mission, The Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord, The Journey to Serrador, Battle Scrolls, Battle Scrolls: Sea Route, Zegclite's Land Clearance Part 3: Inside Ral Partha Volcano, Mountains, Orcs and Things, 1259 Tournament, The Odyssey of Humbert the Egg Collector, The Shaft, Seomootrion and the Indians, The Dragon's Pleasure, Rescue Shevasta.


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