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Hebba is a rough, bustling sea port, like Plymouth perhaps.

Population: 85000 approx

Has a famous bar called The Four Winds on the clifftop, overlooking the harbour and the city and the coast to the south. Baznu, Guban and Fruban all met Shy Hoolud, Zirtek and Zoton here, and met Skah, Chilimo, Klepka, Vopravil and Terrafarlow here too.

There are ankhegs to the north on the road to Aglabara. The Duke of Hebba occasionally offers a bounty for an ankheg cull.

The temple of Ra want a piece of the sun.

The temple of Nephthys now have their basilisks thanks to Devero Thragabou and his friends.

The temple of Ramman lost their crystal ball in the Gulf of Ascalon during a shipwreck, the ball contains a thunderstorm.

The temple of Forseti seek for the beast that is called Garm that guards Hel Gate to be killed righteously by a representative.

There is an expensive hotel called The Thistle, it costs 30gp/person/night, healing takes place at a faster rate than normal. It is very posh and has good security.

Mullan met: Gripper, a local prize fighter in the city in a particularly rough pub where punters gamble on bareknuckle brawls. The pub is called ... A girl aged 8 with no tongue, some kind of street thief. A pair of alcoholic half-orc brothers were fighting each other in the street during a drunken stagger. Apparently they do this often. Bob, who shoots bats and promised to visit her stonemason's in Saltmarsh one day.

Hebba's thieves' guild is allegedly run by someone known as Silas. Another guild there is allegedly run by someone called The Sandman. Or perhaps they are the same guild. Or perhaps there are more guilds. Or something else may be the case. Zirtek, Zoton and Shy Hoolud all belong to the guild.

The city has a colleseum.

Famous residents

Fruban, Guban, Baznu, Twang, Restel, Torqus

Fruban and Guban live at 2 Guant Street, Hebba.


Bragi, Raven, Mielikki, Ramman, Loviator, Ki, Ra, Nephthys, Forseti


The Four Winds

The Thistle