From Darfuria

Kol-Ibur is a large and remote monastery where monks of all religions gather to share knowledge, training and practice their martial arts. Each sect is segregated and there are communal areas where all may mingle.

There are many temples within the monastery and its grounds. Kol-Ibur can be thought of as being something like Enter The Dragon, but on a bigger scale.

Kol-Ibur is located on a broad, high peak in the Sardisian Mountains. There is a rough, winding trail that leads down the peak to joing the main road through the mountain pass that links Tieli with Ancona. The turning for the trail to Kol-Ibur is not marked and easily missed.

Famous Residents

Wedoja, Oshikoya

Wedoja lives at Room 483, Kol-Ibur.


Chang Quei, Kuan Yin