Legacy of Ukneasnidn

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The Legacy of Ukneasnidn is a medium-sized adventure for 6-10 characters of levels 8-12.

This adventure is a sequel to the adventure Stronghold of Darkness.

DM information

You will need: PHB, DMG, DDG (a copy with the Cthulu mythos), FF, MM, Combat Tables, Saving Throw Matrix

List of rooms and encounters


1. Entrance Hall: A lavish entranceway 60' long, 20' wide and 10' high. The walls, floor and ceiling are black. There are three torches burning in their cressets on both sides of the hall. Anyone looking closely will see that the torches are almost spent. At the far end of the hall stands a pair of double doors, which are black with a large inverted silver pentagram scribed onto each. A pair of doors made of dark wood stand opposite each other around 50' into the hall. Either side, about 10' into the room, are a pair of black tables, 20' long and 4' wide, covered with rich black cloth. There are silver candlesticks, bowls and trays decorating the tables. If the party decide to loot all this silverware, it is worth about 300gp in total.

Around 40' into the room on each side is an illusionary wall. Hidden behind the illusions are real walls with a Symbol of Fear, which will be revealed to anyone successfully disbelieving the illusion. Behind the Symbols, both walls contain a small secret compartment. Inside the secret compartments are a pair of buttons, one red and one white. To the south side of the hall, the red button will produse a Symbol of Insanity which hangs in the air in the secret compartment. The white button will cause the stone wall to slide smoothly and quickly into the floor, revealing a passageway beyond. Just beyond, at head height for a human, is a small door. Inside are two more buttons, one silver and one green. The silver button will reset the Symbols and illusions and cause the slab of stone to slide back into place. The green button will open the slab and cancel the illusions and Symbols. Note that in the secret compartment on the north side of the passage, the button functionality is reversed, so that the white button produces the Symbol of Insanity and the red button opens the way. Again there is a small door that opens into a shallow compartment containg a silver and a green button just beyond, but these two buttons function exactly the same as on the other side.

2. Cloakroom: Covering the entirety of the north wall are 200 gunmetal grey lockers, 1' sqaure each. The other walls, which are black like the ceiling and floors, have narrow benches pushed against the walls and many silver painted pegs for cloaks hanging above them.

Of the lockers, 15% will be locked, and of those 85% will contain belongings, of which 65% will contain a small amount of valuables of the DM's choice (DMG p. 219 is helpful). The rest of the lockers are unlocked and most are open with the key still in the lock. There will be 2d10 cloaks hanging from the pegs, with a 5% chance for anybody who looks to find some small slightly valuable items of the DM's choice. The first one checked will contain a loaded mousetrap (1d4 dmg and fingers useless for 1d3 turns) with a Magic Mouth cast upon it that will laugh and scream "How are your filthy fingers now, thief? Ha ha ha ha ha!" over and over again for one turn when set off by someone sticking their hand in the pocket.

3. Private Lounge Bar: In this room are six tables surrounded by chairs, a pair of comfy old sofas and four comfy old armchairs. Everything is black. Each chair has an inverted silver pentagram on the back. There is a silver ashtray on each table (10gp each). Burnt out torches in cressets are on every wall. There is a bar area with many cups, goblets, bowls, hookahs, ashtrays and so on. There is also a goodly selection of spirits and couple of local beers, as well as an assortment of smokables and snacks such as nuts and dried fruit. Under the bar is a locked box with a drawer that slides forwards with a 'ping' sound. It contains coins sparated into different compartments - 24+1d6 PP, 100+d% GP, 20+1d20 EP, 100+d% SP, 100+d% CP and 4+1d6 gems worth 100gp each.

4. Kitchen:

Hall of Fame

Jack, Jenintar, Delfa, Mintor, Brother Francis, Verona, Comtrex, Felix, Emmerell - this party were a little underpowered and ran away after delving a way into the adventure. Their plight was not helped by Felix's insanity, caused by creatures of Cthulu that visited him on the journey to the dungeon. DM'd by George, played by Sarah and Cliff at Heavitree Road in 1992.

Monjunkin, Sirus, Layfe, Devero Thragabou, Ramble, Flenred, Celedorn, Wanto, Sandestion, Rimmel - a successful attempt completed in 2005 at College Road. DM'd by George and played by Dan.

Shenzis, Jawtzawfayre, Jonathan, Fu, Lief the Brown, Zone, - completed in style with a great deal of comedy throughout at College Road in 2006. DM'd by George and played by Martin. Fantastic. :)