Luck Points

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Luck Points

Luck points may be used to modify any roll, plus or minus... at the DM’s discretion!!!

A character’s luck points may not be used to alter the roll of a different character. They may however be used against DM chrs or monsters.

Luck points can be used, for example, to momentarily improve AC for the duration of a single attack, reduce damage done by a monster or trap, such as when the character is reduced to 0 or lower HP, improve or reduce a ‘to hit’ roll, and so on. Note that a natural 1 or natural 20 cannot be so altered by luck, whether to create or avoid such an occurrence.

A saving throw can be modified by luck, unless a natural 1 occurs. Likewise, an ability check roll can be modified unless a natural 20 occurs.

Thieving rolls may be altered by luck, as may system shock rolls, and there are many more examples.

Luck is very temporary. Once luck points are used they are gone until the character gains another level.

Luck points may be used at any reasonable time before or after any rolling of dice at the DM’s discretion. Reasonable here means mostly fairly immediately.

If someone forgets to roll for luck points then they have none. At the DM’s discretion, they may be allowed to use previous luck points from the character’s previous level, if any should any remain.

NPC’s tend not to benefit from luck because they are characters operated by the DM.

If multi-class, and if the character gains a level in one class and not another, new luck points are only generated when the last class to gain a level does so. For example, if a fighter/thief gains a thief level but not a fighter level, they do not gain new luck points until they have gained a fighter level as well. Therefore, a character who gained two thief levels to become a F1/T3 would still have their initial luck points until the lower level class gained a level.

If character is split class, use the level of their old class. No further luck can be gained with level increases until charcter's level has surpassed the level of the old class.

Luck points are rolled when a character gains a level. At each level gain, luck is reset to zero before rolling.

Use the table below to determine how many luck points a character has.

Level Dice
1st 2d8
2nd - 6th 2d6
7th - 12th 2d4
13th+ 1d6