From Darfuria

M'qömre is a fairly large and somewhat halforcish town in the southern central region of Darfuria. It lies to the south of The Qwarm.

The Duke of M'qömre is the overlord of Saltmarsh and Idyai, which are both fairly nearby.

Smirmligosh Bytheway is the weaponsmith.

Hofflethruf Bytheway, the brother of Smirmligosh, has a daughter called Panthigruk, whose duck was healed by Glink.

Famous Residents

Boristopules of the Lingerie, Smirmligosh Bytheway


Coyote, Gruumsh

Places of business

  • Boristopules’ lingerie
  • Boristopules’ Discount Men’s Supplies
  • Weaponsmith


The One Eye