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The Realm of Darfuria

Darfuria is a fictional land and the setting for an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons campaign (1st, 2nd and occasionally 3rd edition) that has been running since 1984.

Darfuria is similar in size to Wales, with a climate similar to that of Spain. The eastern half of the country is wilder and more mountainous, and the western half is more developed and well ordered.

Darfuria is a multicultural melting pot and home to many diverse races, where the worship of most pantheons of deities from around the world is largely tolerated, with no particular mythogy dominating. There are many different groups and factions throughout the land.

The land is ruled by King Ron, who is a largely fair, just, and liberal king. The land is divided into various city states and their surrounding areas, ruled by dukes, and subdivided into town states and their ruling and thegns and mayors.

The flag of Darfuria is azure blue with a large orange circle in the middle. One of the land's biggest exports is citrus fruit, which grows in abundance both in the wild and in cultivated orchards.

The Darfurian military wear orange tabards. It is generally well equipped as Darfuria is a wealthy land, with much of the wealth being concentrated in the larger cites of the south and west.

A Map of The Realm of Darfuria

A Darfurian Legend

“Every year, just off the coast of the island of Joshthrunspanual, the annual tuba tossing festival takes place. And deep beneath the surface of the sea there is a massive heap of thousands of tossed tubas that have lain there for centuries (some of them).

Anyway, one year, Prupthrounstrout, who was a renowned thrower of trombones and sousaphones, and was also a worthy clarinet catcher and flute juggler, entered this contest against the mighty Espankulos Spruntuous of Threenstriddel, who was better known as the mighty hurler of the flugelhorn. Also entering the contest was the ginger giant from the south, whose name was Zinziluclick. He was well known for his ability of tea-chest bass throwing, straight up a 150 foot cliff using just two thumbs.

The great day of the contest approached, and the idea was for all three contestants to hurl various objects into the sea from the back of the ship.

Well, the first object the tea-chest bass thrower had to throw was a sheep. With an almighty plop, he tossed the bleating sheep far out into the sea, under the silvery moon, to much great applause. Simultaneously, the great flugelhorn thrower of the north flung his baboon, rather inaccurately. And the final throw of the competition was with the multi-instrumental tosser, and he had to hurl a goat over the side, and he hurled this goat as far as he possibly could – two foot six. But he forgot to let go, and still clutching his goat by one leg landed with a plop in the water, making his hair go frizzy.

Unimpressed at their efforts, Boris the Flea Flicker, who was watching from the ship, took his father’s rhino and kicked it over the mountains in the distance, into the distant ocean, where it caused an enormous tidal wave that destroyed at least 97 cities, and was thus declared the champion for the year: One.”

And so it has come to pass that in Darfuria time is reckoned from the aftermath of the enormous tsunami that occurred around 1250 years ago.

Scholars have studied the text for many centuries and pondered a number of its eccentricities. Where exactly is Joshthrunspanual, or even Threenstriddel? How long had the tradition of throwing tubas into the sea been going on and how had it started? Do these tubas still remain somewhere on the sea bed? If it was a tuba tossing contest, why were the contestants throwing animals? What was somebody doing on a ship with a rhino? What happened to the ship, contestants, and everyone else? Does this describe magic, the work of the gods, or is it some allegorical metaphor for life? How do you get a name like Boris the Flea Flicker?

Philosophers will no doubt continue their debates and reflections on these and other questions for a long time to come.

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