Potion of Random Healing

From Darfuria

This potion, when consumed, will heal the person drinking it as either a Potion of Healing, a Potion of Extra Healing, or some other kind of healing as determined by the DM.

Roll 1d20 for the healing received:

  • 1: 1d4
  • 2: 1d6
  • 3: 1+1d6
  • 4-8: 4+1d4 (as Poton of Healing)
  • 9: 6+1d4
  • 10: 2d6
  • 11: 1d12
  • 12: 3+2d6
  • 13-15: 10+2d4 (as Potion of Extra Healing)
  • 17-19: 15+3d4 (as the spell Cure Critical Wounds)
  • 20: Drinker restored to full health minus 1d4 hit points (as the spell Heal)

The recipe for this potion is known to the Chemical Factory.