Pozor's Magnificent Cucumber

From Darfuria

Pozor’s Magnificent Cucumber (conjuration/summoning, illusion/phantasm, enchantment/charm)

  • Level: 3
  • Range: 3”
  • Duration: 1 turn + 1 round/level
  • Area of effect: 3” radius
  • Components: V,S,M
  • Casting time: 3 segments
  • Saving throw: Negates
  • Researched by: Pozor

By casting this spell the wizard causes an ordinary cucumber to come into being. All those within the area of effect, or who subsequently enter the area of effect, who see the object and fail to save vs. spell, see it as the most wonderful, beautiful, glorious and perfect cucumber they have ever seen and are utterly charmed by it, wanting to admire it, stroke it, lick it, enthuse over it, discuss its sublime qualities and reminisce about other less magnificent specimens of cucumbers they have seen, and so on.

Each subsequent round after a person has failed their save, they are allowed another saving throw. Victims are charmed by the cucumber until they snap out of it. Viewers who make their save see it as just another ordinary cucumber. Once the spell expires, the cucumber vanishes.

Should the cucumber be harmed, damaged, bitten, chewed, etc. those charmed by the cucumber must make a d% roll as if confused.

01-20              Wander away for 1 turn

21-70              Stand confused for 1 round

51-70              Attempt to eat the cucumber in a furious frenzy with great relish for 1 round

71-90              Attack nearest creature for 1 round

91-00              Attack wizard or his party for 1 round

Companions of the wizard who have seen the spell cast on at least one previous occasion and are aware of what the wizard is doing may automatically make their save, if the wizard so desires (though the wizard may not necessarily desire) - in which case they will remember a different cucumber being superior. This may lead to furious arguments and fisticuffs.

Creatures who would not normally eat plant material gain a +4 to their save, though vegetarians receive a -2 penalty and are always liable to be affected by this spell.

The material component is a handful of compost into which 10gp of ground gemstones have been added, and a bean which must be squished and flicked in the direction of where the cucumber is to manifest.