Pozor's Secret Banana

From Darfuria

Pozor’s Secret Banana (conjuration/summoning)

  • Level: 1
  • Range: 3”
  • Duration: 1 turn/level
  • Area of effect: Special
  • Components: V,S,M
  • Casting time: 1 segment
  • Saving throw: None
  • Researched by: Pozor

This spell must be cast on another individual, it cannot be cast on the caster. It causes the creation of an ordinary banana in some pocket, pouch, bag, backpack, or other type of container of sufficient size to hold such a fruit. Exactly where the item manifests is specified by the caster. Should the person on whom this spell is cast have no such suitable banana-containing device, the spell fails. This banana may not necessarily be noticed at once by the spell recipient. It could easily become rather messily squashed if created within a full backpack, perhaps. If any parts of the banana are not eaten before the spell expires, they simply vanish again.

The material components are any yellow berry other than a banana, which must be sucked then swallowed whole by the caster, and some form of cloth hat, which must be worn as the spell is cast. The hat is also consumed in the casting in one of the following telltale ways, roll a d10.

1. The hat suddenly flies quickly upwards for 30’ then disappears through a portal to a random chaos plane. If it is not possible for the hat to travel 30’, the portal will appear just below whatever obstructs its path. No other material is able to enter or exit this portal.

2. The hat simply vanishes with a damp-sounding ‘phut’ and a small cloud of smoke billows upwards from the wizard’s head.

3. The hat abruptly catches alight, causing 1d4 dmg to the caster (save vs spell for half) and possibly leaving them facing the prospect of several consecutive bad hair days, not to mention the smell of burning hair.

4. The hat disappears silently with a bright flash.

5. The hat ages 100 000 years in 10 seconds, turning to dust long before the 10 seconds are up.

6. The hat turns itself inside out, then tucks itself into itself repeatedly until it is so small it vanishes.

7. The hat is suddenly shredded to thousands of tiny pieces as if it had spontaneously exploded.

8. The hat dematerialises leaving a random smell as determined by the DM in the air in a 1’ radius/level of the caster (DMG1 p. 217, 221).

9. A large disembodied mouth suddenly appears and in one loud gulp eats the hat from the head of the caster without causing any other harm, then disappears again.

0. The hat just vanishes and nothing else especially odd happens.