Pozor's Uncontrollable Hideous Mushroom

From Darfuria

Pozor’s Uncontrollable Hideous Mushroom (conjuration/summoning, alteration, invocation)

  • Level: 6
  • Range: 5”
  • Duration: 1 round + 1 round/level, or until destroyed
  • Area of effect: Special
  • Components: V,S,M
  • Casting time: 5 segments
  • Saving throw: Special
  • Researched by: Pozor

Although this spell is not an illusionist spell, it may be learned and cast by gnome illusionists as they have a special affinity with all forms of mushroom and toadstool. Illusionists of other races may not learn this spell.

Upon its casting, the wizard calls into being the most appallingly foul, putrid, frightful and nauseating mushroom imaginable. It sprouts from nothing to its full size in one round. The mushroom has AC10, 1HD/level of the caster up to 18HD, and grows to a height and diameter equal in feet to the level of the caster, with the diameter of the stalk being roughly a quarter of that of its cap. The spell cannot be cast to grow the mushroom inside another creature. If space restrictions prevent it from growing to its full size, the creation simply crushes itself on its constraints and quickly rots to dust, thus wasting the spell. It may cause objects to be pushed out of the way, or smaller fixed objects to break as it grows, unless they are fixed firmly or absurdly heavy.

During the first round of the mushroom’s existence, those within 5’ of it for every caster level must save vs. poison. Those that fail become honkingly nauseated and are unable to do anything other than shout the word ‘ralph’ at the floor while regurgitating little moist mosaics of whatever was their last meal, as they leave the area directly but unsteadily, and spend the subsequent round recovering.

On the second round the mushroom begins to flail and cavort around wildly. It will always stay within a 3” cube of where it was created and will try to attack any creature at random within that area. Every creature is equally liable to be attacked, including the caster if within range, so the DM should roll appropriate dice to determine the victims.

The mushroom has 3 such attacks per round, which may all be directed at different creatures, or may be multiple attacks on the same creature, whether friend, foe or bystander. If the mushroom hits, it does no damage but causes a dread fear in the being so struck, who will flee while shrieking and screaming in terror, as far away as they can, as quickly as possible, by the best method of travel they have available, for a number of rounds equal to double the caster’s level.

The mushroom may be attacked with weapons. Piercing weapons do no damage. Slashing weapons cut the mushroom into two, which then both grow into mushrooms of the same size as the original one and may both cause a new round of saving throws and so on. Should multiple mushrooms attack each other, they are immune to each other’s effects. Bludgeoning weapons cause normal damage, but each hit will release a cloud of spores in a 10’+1’/caster level radius that causes blindness and eye irritation unless a save vs. poison is made. This starts to wear off after a number of hours equal to 24 – the victim’s CON score, and fully wears off after a further 24 hours.

The material components for this spell are some troll dung, a small fish that has been dead for at least a week and a pinch of the scrapings from between the toes of the wizard, or from between the toes of a different wizard of the same race as the caster.