From Darfuria

Ralthar is a small town at the base of Ral Partha Volcano. The town and the volcano are on a small island off the west coast of Darfuria, in the mouth of the mighty River Ascalon.

Linking the island to the mainland village of Aglabara is an amazing single-arched stone and steel bridge nearly 500 yards long that slopes up to a height of around 100 feet above the sea at its apex. It was built by dwarven architects and craftsmen. It is a remarkable feat of technical engineering and one of the great wonders of Darfuria.

Population approx 3300.

The temple of Birgit is where Lamble's body went missing. The temple seek 5 old Darfurian battle songs and will do a restoration as reward when it has them.

Zegclite's home address is 3 Bell Cottages.

Famous residents

Corbrey, Zegclite, Lu-Tsin Jart, Myrth of the Stray, Tarn, Nyren Teldork.

Zegclite lives at 3 Bell Cottages, Ralthar.


Indra, Ukko, Raven, Dionysus, Odin, Birgit.

Places of business

  • Mad Zeg's Restaurant

Public houses

  • Xentrix, Zedalp & T'plang