Ring of Grimlock Summoning

From Darfuria


This item has a faint aura of evil to it that any character of good alignment will feel, and wearing the ring will feel uncomfortable for them. The ring is made of intertwined copper and silver banded together in an intricate pattern. It can summon 3d4 grimlocks 1/day and allows its wearer to control them. The creatures will remain for 13 turns minus one for each grimlock that appears. Unless the character is a magic user or cleric, or any subclass thereof, or possesses innate spell-like abilities such as a drow, the ring has a chance to malfuntion as follows:

  • 01-25 The grimlocks will not be controlled and will attack the summoner and his or her party.
  • 26-50 No grimlocks will appear and the ring cannot be used again until the next day.
  • 51-65 Only half the amount of grimlocks indicated on 3d4 will appear.
  • 66-85 The full amount of grimlocks will appear but will only remain for half the amount of time.
  • 86-00 The ring functions as if a spell caster were wearing it.


XP Value: 1000

GP Sale Value: 3000