Ring of Many Meanings

From Darfuria

After somebody first wears a Ring of Many Meanings, it will lose all of its magic after precisely one year and become a plain platinum ring worth 1000 PP.

The ring has a command word, which is usually a fairly common word, and can easily be set off by accident.

The Ring of Many Meanings is made of two joined platinum bands. It can be configured to four different settings by turning the bands so the little arrow on one band points to the desired engraving on the other.

Whichever spell setting the ring is on when the command word is uttered within 10' will be immediately cast. Typically such a ring will cast:

  • 1. Faerie Fire
  • 2. 8d6 Lightning Bolt
  • 3. 5d4 Magic Missile
  • 4. 5d6 Fireball

Each effect can be used 1/day.

The Ring of Many Meanings was invented by Graham.


XP Value: 2500

GP Sale Value: 10000