Sardisian Mountains

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The Sardisian Mountains begin in the sea off the west coast of Darfuria, in the Gulf of Ascalon. They march steadily northeastwards and separate the Plains of Jaluta from The Nangwath, before eventually becoming a part of the range of tall spiky peaks that separate Darfuria from Eldaril in the east.

Although not necessarily the highest peaks in Darfuria, many of the tips maintain snow all year round. The range is well known for its incredible natural beauty. Views of the mountains from Tibesti and Tieli, and Hebba and Ancona are particularly breathtaking on clear days.

Either side of the Sardisian Mountains, two large rivers wind their ways westwards to the sea in the Gulf of Ascalon. To the north is the River Nishada, and to the south the River Panchala.

There are many notable features among the Sardisian Mountains.

An old ranger called Ryder makes his home on Kildevil Hill, a place where strange dark energies seem to linger on.

Near the base of Kildevil Hill and flanking the mountain pass road between Ancona and Tieli is a large graveyard, where many humans and dwarves fell in a gigantic battle many years ago. The graveyard is still used today, mostly by some of Tieli's deceased residents. Some of the more restless dead are known to occasionally become undead.

Yatsu built her temple in the foothills, across the River Panchala and opposite Tibesti.

On a high broad peak sits the monastery Kol-Ibur, where monks of all denominations practice their martial arts.

The Labyrinth of Fiendish Devices is a deathtrap of a dungeon created by Cliff. No good information remains as to the details of this dungeon, other than its location in the foothills of the Sardisian Mountains, near the sea.

One of the peaks of the Sardisian Mountains was used as the setting for the second part of the TSR module Against the Giants - The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl (

Also in the foothills, just across the river from Ancona, is The Psionic Fortress.

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