From Darfuria

Sleeth is a female half elven fighter/assassin from Seiga.


Sleeth has dark hair and dark eyes and is relatively petite for a half elf. However, her size belies her great physical strength and martial prowess. Sleeth's unique combination of strength, dexterity, and lethal skill set makes her a formidable adversary. Her unwavering devotion to Surma and her willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals define her as a force to be reckoned with in the city of Seiga.


Cold and Calculating: Sleeth is driven by a sense of purpose, which makes her cold and calculating in her interactions with others. She views emotions as a weakness and has little tolerance for sentimentality or hesitation.

Loyal to Surma: Her devotion to Surma is unwavering, and she finds solace in the idea that death is the ultimate equalizer. This belief guides her actions and gives her a sense of detachment from the morality of her deeds.

Exceptional Strength and Dexterity: Sleeth's physical prowess is formidable, allowing her to excel in both combat and stealth. Her exceptional strength makes her a force to be reckoned with, while her dexterity allows her to move silently and strike with precision.

Meticulous Planner: Despite her cold demeanor, Sleeth is a meticulous planner, carefully assessing her targets and devising strategies to ensure her success. She is patient and willing to wait for the perfect moment to strike.

Chilling Presence: Her presence can be unsettling, as she often exudes an aura of cold indifference. She speaks in measured tones and often keeps her distance from others, observing them with an almost predatory gaze.

Efficient and Ruthless: Sleeth is known for her efficiency and ruthlessness in her assignments. She has no qualms about eliminating obstacles in her path, and she carries out her work with precision and speed.

Secretive and Reserved: Sleeth is highly secretive, preferring to keep her thoughts and motives to herself. She shares little about her past or her ambitions, and even those who work closely with her know very little about her personal life.

Quiet Humor: Despite her cold demeanor, Sleeth has a subtle and dry sense of humor. She occasionally makes wry or sarcastic remarks that can catch people off guard, adding a touch of levity to otherwise tense situations.

Fondness for Animals: Although she's a ruthless assassin, Sleeth has a soft spot for animals. She often feeds stray cats in the alleyways of Seiga and seems to find solace in their company.

Obsessive Organization: Sleeth is incredibly organized, keeping her belongings and workspace meticulously tidy. This quirk extends to her personal appearance, as she takes great care in maintaining her gear and attire.

Occasional Sentimentalism: Despite her ruthless nature, Sleeth sometimes displays unexpected sentimentalism, especially when reminiscing about her childhood or reflecting on significant events in her life.

Calming Presence: Despite her intimidating nature, Sleeth has a calming presence in stressful situations. Her quiet demeanor and controlled reactions can help diffuse tension among her allies or during negotiations.

Loyalty to Friends: Sleeth may be ruthless with her enemies, but she's fiercely loyal to those she considers friends. She will go to great lengths to protect and support those she trusts.

Resilient and Determined: Her resilience and determination inspire respect from others. She never backs down from a challenge and is always willing to face adversity head-on.

Caring Mentor: Despite her secretive nature, Sleeth has a soft spot for young or inexperienced individuals. She occasionally takes on a mentoring role, offering guidance and sharing her skills with those who seek her help.

Unexpected Kindness: Sleeth's occasional acts of unexpected kindness surprise those who know her. Whether it's helping someone in need or providing aid to the wounded, these moments reveal a more compassionate side to her character.

Subtle Charisma: Her quiet confidence and enigmatic charm can be captivating. People are drawn to her enigmatic presence and often find themselves intrigued by her mysterious personality.


Sleeth is a formidable half-elf fighter and assassin who resides in the bustling port city of Seiga, located in Darfuria. Born from the union of a human sailor and an elven rogue, she grew up in the gritty underbelly of the city, where crime and danger were part of daily life. As a child, Sleeth quickly learned to navigate the treacherous streets, using her wits and agility to survive in a world that had little sympathy for the weak.

Her early years were marked by hardship and adversity, forcing her to adopt a pragmatic and ruthless approach to life. Sleeth's strength and dexterity set her apart, catching the attention of a notorious assassin's guild that operated in the shadows of Seiga. Trained by skilled mentors, she developed a lethal skill set and became one of the guild's most feared enforcers.

Sleeth's devotion to Surma, the Finnish deity of death and the underworld, is rooted in her belief that death is the ultimate power. She sees her role as an assassin as a divine calling, carrying out the will of Surma as she eliminates those who stand in her way. Her association with the deity gives her a sense of purpose and justifies the dark path she has chosen.

Racial Abilities

  • 30% resistant to sleep/charm spells
  • 60' darkvision
  • 1/6 / 3/6 to see / find concealed door
  • 2/6 find secret door

Assassin Abilities

  • Assassination on surprise, normal dmg on fail
  • Backstab +4 to hit, dmg x 3
  • Disguise and spying
  • Pick Pockets 80%
  • Open Locks 67%
  • Find/remove traps 55%
  • Move Silently 55%
  • Hide in Shadows 51%
  • Hear Noise 20%
  • Climb Walls 90%
  • Read Languages 25%
  • Disguise/spying


+4 vs. paralyzation

Knows answer to next dilemma

Wound closure (as periapt)

3/2 attacks / rnd

Lost 50,000gp in a bet on Bakra

Paid Wasa 500gp for poisons (not yet received)


Darfurian (00), Alignment (00), Gnome (94), Goblin (81), Orcish (67), Dwarvish (00), Halfling (54), Kobold (48), Gnoll (61).

Second Skill


Non Weapon Proficiencies

  • Fighter (4): Seamanship (DEX +1), rope use (DEX), mountaineering (n/a), direction sense (WIS +1).
  • Assassin (4): Gem cutting (DEX -2), appraising (INT), reading/writing (INT +1), disguise (CHA -1).

Weapon Proficiencies

  • Fighter (THAC0 14): Double handed sword, battleaxe, warhammer, morning star, shortbow, javelin.
  • Assassin (THAC0 18): Dagger, spear, catapult, garotte, blowpipe.

Saving Throws

Magic resistance: 20% (from Cloak)

  • Para: 3
  • PD: 7
  • PP: 8
  • RSW: 9
  • BW: 9
  • S: 9

Luck Points: 8


PP: 126 | GP: 10890 | EP: 864 | SP: 612 | CP: 223

Costs: 1400gp / month


Necklace, wrought silver (1000 gp)

Anklet, wrought silver (900 gp)

Belt, gold with gems (5000 gp)



+3 longsword of speed (not proficient) (+4 to hit, 8 + 1d8 / 8 + 1d12, 3/rnd)

+3 javelin, returns the same round, 1/rnd

+2 warhammer (+4 to hit, 7 + 1d12 / 7 + 2d8, 3/2 rnds)

Trident of Fish Command (not proficient) (+1 to hit, 7 + 1d6 / 6 + 3d4, 3/2 rnds) - charges: 20

+1 double handed sword, glows electric blue when held and gives light equal to a torch (+3 to hit, 6 + 1d10, 6 + 3d6, 3/2 rnd)

Longbow - arrows: 20

Concealed dagger


+2 studded leather

+2 shield

+1 shield (at home)

Cloak of magic resistance: 20%

Soft low boots

Leather helm

Magic Items

+3 ring of protection

Ring of Feather Falling

Ioun Stone (scarlet and blue sphere) - +1 INT

Medallion of Thought Projection (in belt pouch)


Clairaudience: 1

Invisibility: 3

Sweet Water: 5

Healing: 4

Extra Healing: 3

Poison (save or die): 1

Poison (save or paralyzed 1d10 turns): 2


Adventurers' Pack

Thieves' picks and tools


Robe, crimson, emblazoned with a withered oak branch

Hat, crimson with embroidered foxes

Small belt pouches: 2

White Lightning LSD: 5


Tunnels 3

Troglodyte Bashing 2

Tunnels 5

The Temple of Set (6/7)

The Chemical Brothers (9/9)

Snayshe's Stunning Surprises A & C 14070

Assault on the Sun Temple

Castle of Mithril 9/12


Stagl Abadag, Abnara, Astrid, Bakra Son of Baric of Sarath of The Qwarm, Bolarb, Daglin, Druskin, Ferrius, Fighter Flo, Galzai of Larsha, Gnik, Grollopus, Hallerith, Hinni, Huru, Iarvaric, Jangre, Jinjeet, Krisain, Magicman, Mentarq, Modus, Mundai, Nallow, Napoleon, Poluki, Raniel the All-Told, Reaper, Restel, Salandel, Sihsha, Satira, Fedax Si-Hulmin, Slattery, Sohrab, Suliman, Tallon, Tarn, Nyren Teldork, Tesla, Thlaili, Torqus, Umbrij, Wasa, Yanta, Zargfrebe.