Slellal Carlellon

From Darfuria

Slellal is a female grey elf magic user/thief from Taur Geldor.


Slellal is large for an elf, both in height and girth. She has golden shoulder length hair and violet eyes. She wears leather armbands, thigh high boots and a deep blue cloak trimmed with silver thread.

There is certainly something about her personal magnetism that some find compelling. She is not in the least afraid to use her feminine charms to get what she wants. He look is imposing, yet not memorable. She is quite extraverted and outspoken, and sometimes needs to hold her tongue.

Although she keeps herself clean, she has a slight body odour issue. This is often noticable within a 5' radius. Some find this rather attractive, others do not. She sometimes wears heavy perfumes to cover this up.

She came to adventuring through tragedy. When she was an elven teenage girl, her lover was found strangled to death under mysterious circumstances. Nobody ever knew exactly what caused his death, whether it was by accident, suicide or foul play.

Known to some as 'the fat fairy', Slellal has a tendency to be wild and manic. When she thinks she has a better idea than anyone else, she is likely to act on it and go her own way. She is often inclined to volunteer for solo jobs in a party if she thinks she will benefit from doing so.

Slellal can be devious and untrustworthy and may be inclined to lead the party to its demise if she can benefit from that and get away with it. She won't necessarily return the favour if somebody does her a good turn. Slellal can be hedonistic, greedy, selfish, scheming, hot tempered, jealous, mean and deceitful. She is unlikely to lend any of her possessions to anyone.

Slellal is a good reconteur and is inclined to exaggerate somewhat when recounting tales and make some parts up altogether. She may also playact and pretend to feign illness or injury and get her way that way. She likes a drink, especially wine and strong spirits, but won't take any other kind of drug except hobbit pipeweed.

Slellal is interested in the paranormal, conjuration and necromancy. She is somewhat interested in herself and becoming better as both a magic user and a rogue.

Slellal has a great respect for, and fear of, her parents. She tends to wear strong colours and dress in a very feminine way.

Racial Abilities

  • 90% resistant to Sleep/Charm
  • +1 to hit with longword, longbow, shortsword, shortbow
  • 1/6 / 3/6 see / find conceealed doors
  • 2/6 find secret doors
  • 6" darkvision
  • Good chance to surprise when alone

Thieving Abilities

  • Backstab +4 to hit, dmg x 3
  • Pick Pockets 75%
  • Open Locks 62%
  • Find/remove traps 55%
  • Move Silently 70%
  • Hide in Shadows 63%
  • Hear Noise 30%
  • Climb Walls 94%
  • Read Languages 35%


Enough XP to become 8th level as a thief, but not enough gold.

Males with WIS < 7 liable to be Fascinated.


Darfurian (00), Alignment (00), Elvish (00), Gnome (55), Halfling (62), Goblin (26), Orcish (34), Gnoll (28), Dwarvish (47), Thieves' Cant (00), Water Naga (33).

Second Skill


Non Weapon Proficiencies

  • Magic User (6): Pottery (DEX -2), weaving (INT -1), fire building (WIS -1), reading/writing (INT +1), spellcraft (INT -2), dancing (DEX).
  • Thief (4): Leatherworking (INT), animal training (WIS), direction sense (WIS +1), gaming (CHA).

Weapon Proficiencies

  • Magic User (THAC0 19): Staff, dart.
  • Thief (THAC0 18): Shortsword, longbow, dagger.

Saving Throws

  • PPD: 12
  • PP: 11
  • RSW: 9
  • BW: 13
  • S: 10

Luck Points: 11


  • 4 * 1st
  • 3 * 2nd
  • 2 * 3rd
  • 1 * 4th


First Level: Sleep, Dancing Lights, Unseen Servant, Read Magic, Message, Magic Missile, Detect Magic, Hold Portal, Charm Person, Identify, Find Familiar, Spider Climb, Light, Mending.

Second Level: Invisibility, Wizard Lock, Continual Light, Knock, Forget, Locate Object, Web, Mirror Image, Stinking Cloud, Fools' Gold, Melf's Acid Arrow, Strength.

Third Level: Slow, Fly, Dispel Magic, Tongues, Fireball, Haste, Hold Person, Lightning Bolt, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience.

Fourth Level: Dimension Door, Polymorph Other, Polymorph Self, Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer, Wall of Fire, Fire Trap, Fear, Remove Curse.


PP: 833 | GP: 2416 | EP: 10 | SP: 133 | CP: 118

Costs: 1400gp / month

Card: None



+2 shortsword, giant slayer

  • +3 vs. giant, ettin, ogre, ogre magi, titan
  • double dmg and Fear vs. true giants

+2 throwing knife (-1 for stabbing), dmg 1d4

Longbow - arrows: 24

Daggers: 2 (1 concealed in boot)

Oil bombs: 8


Bracers of Defence AC0

Boots of Elvenkind

Magic Items

Ring of Many Meanings - the command word is 'eggs' and the ring will lose its magical powers on 6.10.1258.

Portable Hole

Wand of Lightning - charges: 27

Libram of Ineffible Damnation


Speed: 2

Stammering and Stuttering: 3

Poison (touch = save or die, ingested = die no save): 8

Poison (save @ +2 or die in 2 rnds): 4


Adventurers' Pack

Thieves' Picks and Tools

Material Components Pouch


Cloak (deep blue trimmed with silver)



Black leather belt


The Clearing of Castle Caldwell

Tunnels 7

When a Star Falls (2/6)

The Wizard and the Lemure (1/6)


Stagl Abadag, Blai Bonesnapper, Hirus Darblake, Druskin, Fingers, Harvarr, Nugmil, Phosygen, Renka, Salandel, Sarine of Tugalia, Slurb, Felquis Slywils, Condo.