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Sroo is a fishing village and holiday resort south of Deraheib. Wealthy Darfurians might have a second home here. Elderly retired people live here too.

Sroo is also the starting place for the Judges Guild adventure module The House on Hangman’s Hill (


The Mermaid's Cove. Sophia is a barmaid.

Patrons: Captain Finnegan claims to have sighted a massive sea serpent lurking in the depths beyond the fishing grounds. Isabella the Fishmonger has heard whispers of a hidden underwater cavern that is said to contain a trove of sunken treasure. Old Wilbur the Storyteller regales patrons with tales of a legendary ghost ship that sails the seas on moonlit nights, carrying the lost souls of fallen sailors. Magnus the Sailor believes he stumbled upon an ancient map in a hidden compartment of an old ship's cabin, pointing to the location of a forgotten pirate's treasure. Sophia the Barmaid overheard a group of fishermen discussing a mysterious island that only appears during a specific alignment of the stars, rumored to hold mystical artifacts.