Stagl Abadag

From Darfuria

Stagl Abadag is a male gnome fighter/illusionist from the Tanil Hills. Stagl is tough and strong looking, energetic, modest and enjoys a joke. He has grey-brown skin, bright blue eyes and pure white hair and beard.

Personality Profile

Stagl Abadag is a bundle of energy and vitality, always eager to experience new sensations and indulge in life's pleasures. Despite his modest demeanor and unassuming appearance, he possesses a fierce determination and a fiery temper when provoked. Stagl is quick-witted and enjoys engaging in witty banter and playful pranks, but he can also be impulsive and prone to acting on impulse without fully considering the consequences.

He enjoys drinking and recreational drugs and is somewhat lustful, impious, unconventional and irreverent. Stagl can be slightly neurotic, hot tempered and vengeful. His desire for material wealth is about average. He is quite brave in a fight and likes to be in on the action.

His love of drink and recreational substances often leads him into wild escapades and colorful misadventures, much to the amusement of his companions. Stagl's irreverent attitude extends to his religious beliefs, as he views the gods as little more than powerful beings to be appeased or ignored as circumstances dictate.

Though he may come across as brash and reckless, Stagl possesses a strong sense of loyalty to his friends and allies. He thrives in the heat of battle, reveling in the chaos and excitement of combat. Despite his flaws, Stagl's courage and resourcefulness make him a valuable asset in any adventuring party, and his infectious enthusiasm ensures that there's never a dull moment when he's around.


Stagl Abadag was born and raised in a small gnome community nestled in some caves within the Tanil Hills, a picturesque region between Taur Geldor forest and the bustling capital city of Deraheib in Darfuria. From a young age, Stagl displayed a knack for both physical prowess and cunning intellect. His parents, both skilled illusionists, encouraged him to hone his natural talents, and he trained diligently in both the arts of combat and magic.

As he grew older, Stagl became increasingly restless with the quiet life of his underground village. He yearned for excitement, adventure, and the freedom to explore the world beyond the confines of his homeland. With a mischievous glint in his eye and an irreverent sense of humor, Stagl set out on his own path, seeking thrills and revelry wherever he could find them.

Racial Abilities

  • +4 vs. RSW/S
  • 6" darkvision
  • Detect grade or slope: 80%
  • Detect unsafe walls, ceilings, floors: 70%
  • Determine depth underground: 60%
  • Determine direction underground: 50%
  • +1 to hit vs. kobolds and goblins
  • -4 AC bonus vs. gnolls, bugbears, ogres, ogre magi, trolls, giants, titans


Has a Tween partner called Tawnbi (see Fiend Folio p. 91). This creature allows Stagl to always have two dice rolls and enables him to choose the more advantageous. Similarly, when being attacked or needing to make saving throws, the attacker also always has two dice rolls, with Stagl again able to choose the more advantageous to him.

Stagl heals when resting at the rate of 1 hit point/level, so at 5th/5th that means 10 hp per night's rest.

He has an account with both the Gnome Bank and the Red Dragon Bank.

Stagl wears a Ring of Monk Speed.


Darfurian (00), Alignment (00), Gnome (00), Dwarvish (95), Halfling (87), Goblin (44), Kobold (56), Burrowing Mammals (00).

Second Skill


Non Weapon Proficiencies

  • Fighter (4): Carpenter (STR), stonemasonry (STR -2), slow respiration (n/a), mountaineering (n/a).
  • Illusionist (5): Rope use (DEX), brewing (INT), reading/writing (INT +1), spellcraft (INT -2), heraldry (INT).

Weapon Proficiencies

  • Fighter (THAC0 16): Shortsword, scimitar, shortbow, morning star, dagger.
  • Magic User (THAC0 20): Dart.

Saving Throws

  • PPD: 10
  • PP: 10
  • RSW: 4
  • BW: 12
  • S: 5

Luck Points: 3


  • 5 * 1st
  • 3 * 2nd
  • 2 * 3rd


First Level: Phantasmal Force, Audible Glamor, Darkness, Dancing Lights, Light, Gaze Reflection, Detect Invisibility, Detect Illusion, Wall of Fog, Chromatic Orb.

Second Level: Invisibility, IMproved Phantasmal Force, Blur, Mirror Image, Deafness, Misdirection, Detect Magic, Blindness.

Third Level: Phantom Steed, Non-detection, Dispel Illusion, Hallucinatory Terrain.


PP: 126 | GP: 10116 | EP: 864 | SP: 612 | CP: 223

Costs: 1000gp / month


Gnome Bank - limit: -105000, balance: +93000

Dragon Bank - limit: -58782, balance: 0



+4 staff of speed (non-proficient)

+2 scimitar

Shortbow - arrows: 24

Daggers: 2 (1 concealed in boot)

Darts: 15


Plate mail

Small shield

Large horned iron helm

High hard boots

Magic Items

+2 ring of protection

Ring of Monk Speed


Extra healing: 5


Adventurers' Pack


Material Components Pouches: 2

+3 Red Dragon Bank card

Gnome Bank card


Cloak (wine red)



1oz sensimilia

8 g fine whizz

Air bladder


Extra flasks of oil: 5


Milgarnian light pebble


The Clearing of Castle Caldwell

Tunnels 7

The Mountain Pass

The Chemical Brothers (3/9)

Monster Manual A & C

The Castle of Mithril (8/12)


Blai Bonesnapper, Slellal Carlellon, Corbrey, Hirus Darblake, Druskin, Esinrah, Fingers, Harvarr, Lu-Tsin Jart, Nugmil, Phosygen, Renka, Salandel, Sarine of Tugalia, Slurb, Wasa, Zargfrebe, Torqus, Thlaili, Nyren Teldork, Sleeth, Astrid, Jinjeet, Bakra Son of Baric of Sarath of The Qwarm.