Tanil Hills

From Darfuria

The Tanil Hills in south west Darfuria lie between Taur Geldor to the west, Deraheib to the east, and Serrador to the north.

The Tanil Hills are known for their wonderous natural beauty and exceptionally pure springwater.

Clans of gnomes and dwarves live in caves in the hills, including the Glimmerfinger Clan of gnomes.

Hangman's Hill lies atop one of the hills near Deraheib. It is still used for occasional hangings by the judiciary of Deraheib. Near the gallows is an old house, which is the scene for the Judges Guild module The House on Hangman's Hill (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_on_Hangman%27s_Hill).

Glistening Fantasy Castle stands on another hilltop, with glorious views all the way to the sea and across the canopy of Taur Geldor.

Angus has his hut right at the edge of Taur Geldor at the bottom of the foothills.

Famous Residents

Stagl Abadag, Saghla, Gleeg, Angus