The Fosweld Somnolence

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The Fosweld Somnolence is a fairly large 1st-6th level dungeon for 8 to 14 characters with a good mix of classes and races.

The adventure can be quite challenging for new players, so they will need to be well prepared.

It was created by George in 1984 and is based upon the groundbreaking 1982 Apple II computer game Wizardry by Andrew Greenberg and Robert Woodhead (

If you ever happen to play this, we would love to know how it went!

Version History

It was updated after its first outing with Cliff playing. Yvonne and Angie were the next players at Yvonne's house in Exmouth.

After that there came a couple of unsuccessful attempts. A party whose characters and players are lost to the mists of time became lost and frustrated. They gave up and committed a mass suicide.

Then there came an unsuccessful attempt by Sean, Jack the Frag and perhaps somebody else as well. Sean and Jack never got very far into the dungeon and simply stopped playing after they ceased being friends, which was nothing to do with the game at all.

It was played again by Graham at Flat D and then it was digitised and updated in 1985, with Yvonne drawing new maps and a front cover, and Cliff providing illustrations.

Marc attempted to complete the dungeon at 62 Victoria Street in 1986. There were at least two or three sessions with many interuptions and distractions. He may have failed to finish it although his characters were memorable. He never played much.

After a time, Fosweld was playtested as The Great Fosweld Rescue and it seemed to work quite well.

Aaron and Jim played the dungeon in London in the summer of 1990 but were unable to finish it before George moved to Plymouth.

It was also attempted by Cliff and Graham (again) who were joined by Martin and Gilb for a few sessions at Wesley Way in Exeter in the summer of 1997.

Fosweld was fully and successfully completed by Dan in 1998, with a few of the monsters upgraded from orcs to ogres and such.

The version here includes various updates, including the journey to the dungeon and the entry, which were not specified in any previous version.

DMs can, of course, change such things as they see fit to suit their campaign.

Background for the DM

If you are a player, DO NOT READ THIS INFORMATION!

Background for Players

Something strange has happened in Fosweld. Some sort of trouble...