The Kidnappings in Ikkur

From Darfuria

The Kidnappings in Ikkur is a simple starter adventure for a group of 1st-3rd level characters.


A number of children have disappeared from the town of Ikkur. The town council is being blackmailed to pay a large sum for the safe return of the missing children.

The party are asked to bring the children home safely. Each character will be paid 50gp/level in advance and the same again upon successful completion of the mission. They may also keep any of the loot that they find.

Any further information that the party discover regarding the background of the group doing the kidnappings will also be rewarded.

Hall of Fame

Twang, Jackey Bodon, Devolia, Terrafarlow, Grolamitsu, Grogafarla, Fabien, Lido, Radric, Elmorth, Kaino, Mullan.

Saghla, Cay of the West, Quiney, Thimpashinash, Shmadima, Cathina, Drogan Blackwood, Kooxiel, Gleeg, Spafflethweep, Zengra, Yintoth.