The Qwarm

From Darfuria

The Qwarm is a large forest in central southern Darfuria. It is a fairly lawless place and many tribes of orcs live there, as well as other races such as goblins, trolls, gnolls, bugbears, ogres and so on. Orcs are the dominant race in this particular forest.

There is an orcish town called Sarath within The Qwarm, where orcs and half-orcs live.

The towns near the south of The Qwarm, such as Taummoar and O'Pruudth, and to a lesser extent M'qömre, tend to be quite halforcish in their population.

Sometimes bands of orcish raiders will attack and rob travellers on the roads near The Qwarm. The roads within The Qwarm itself that lead to and from Sarath are particularly likely to be threatened by orcish highwaymen.

Several halforcs have constructed castles near The Qwarm, such as Barstead, Sohrab and Rustum. The Castle of Destiny lies just north east of Rustum's castle.

Famous Residents

Terrafarlow (has a glade)