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Tibesti is Darfuria's second city. It is very old and historic. It is situated on the south bank of the River Panchala as it flows into the sea.

Tibesti was the setting for a city adventure called The Realm of Darfuria, which eventually involved rescuing Elric, Aragorn and Jerry Cornelius from the municipal prison.

The Jeweller's Shop is a notorious location, which many have tried to rob and very few have succeeded, many dying or going insane in the attempt. The treasure stash grows with every failed attempt from the hapless parties!


Ship sails to Konarg in Lareaf. Another ship sails around the coast to Deraheib and back. A small ship sails to Steprinton, on an island just off the mainland. The journey is about six miles. It takes about an hour to sail to Steprinton, but about three hours for the return journey due to the tides and currents as the River Panchala flows into the sea.

Famous residents

Abnara, Bolarb, Esinrah, Gertrude, Lutch, Modus, Nerasia, Osswestry, Placebo, Praggler the Wizanoid, Slattery, Sohrab, Spazzmotz the Bold, Spijwang, Wasa, Wu Li, Fabien, Grolamitsu, Sub-Zero, Zailean, Castrol, Jherek, Dungorin, Olaf, Comtrex, Ralshez, Melia, Sabrina, Dildo, Andrex, Stliptyt.

Stliptyt lives at 41 Guonch Street, Tibesti.


Corellon Larethion, Dionysus, Pan, Odin, Donblas, Mielikki, Ishtar, Hera, Athena, Anhur, Thor, Amaterasu Omikami, Tsukiyomi, Zeus, Apollo, Nanna-Sin, Oh-Kuni-Nushi, Itzamna, Sif, Raven, Tezcatlipoca, Meerclaar.

The High Priest at the Temple of Itzamna is called Chimalma Quetzalli. Itzel Ramirez and Tlaloc Martinez are acolytes of that temple, escorted there by Cay.

Thieves' Guild

The Golden Fortune chapter of Hells Angels, led by Dungorin. Based at the Golden Fortune casino, which was founded by Castrol.


Below is an original map of the city of Tibesti, drawn and annotated by Cliff.

Tibesti Harbour

Below are three maps of Tibesti harbour. Drawn and annotated by Cliff.