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Tieli is a largely well ordered and wealthy city, divided into six districts. It is very old and is split into north and south halves by the River Panchala, which flows from east to west through the centre of Tieli. The two halves of Tieli are connected by a very old and famous stone bridge, well known for its many artisans and performers.

Famous residents

Balron-Ti of Tugalia, Blai Bonesnapper, Daglin, Hirus Darblake, Fingers, Felquis Slywils, Celedorn, Devero Thragabou, Shevasta, Chastan, Hagrid Itzinfan, Dagzadric, Maca, Lexicus, Felix, Sutra, Darios.

Hagrid Itzinfan lives at 44 Three Bridges Road, Tieli.


Loviatar, Pan, Inanna, Grome, Tuoni, Ukko, Hastur the Unspeakable, Thor, Snakeman, Dionysus, Thoth, Ahto, Tyche, Isis, Gruumsh, Vishnu, Set, Raven, Anu, Odin, Vidar, Nanna-Sin, Utu, Arawn, Demeter, Dagda, Clangeddin Silverbeard, Heimdall, Moradin, Garl Glittergold, Vergadoin, Goibhnie, Berronar, Dumathoin, , Oghma, Flandal Steelskin, Abbathor, Nergal, Kiputytto, Daikoku, Shakak, Corellon Larethian

Thnunth deals with visitors at the temple of Vergadoin. Steal something from a temple of Gruumsh for a reward.

Temple of Pan has lost a sacred book in the tunnels of Tieli. Helpful. Jolly services. Often a bard playing outside.

Places of business

  • Shooshazhoor Shovels
  • Fine Silks, just south of Brewers Street on the Ancona Road.

Thieves' Guild

The Fifth Word, led by Dagzadric.


Below is an early map of Tieli, with a key below that.