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Tolifel is a small town located in the south of Chishwath Forest. There are many tree houses and walkways in the trees. Sects of druids can be found here.

There is an adventurers' pub in the main street called The Crescent Moon.

Nearby is Airthorfazh's Bags, a shop that sells all manner of different bags. Bang next door is Dairg's Shop That Sells Everything But Bags, which is like Poundstretcher. If anyone buys too much stuff they have to buy a bag from next door.

There is a herbalists shop here that may pay characters for rare items, supply them with materials for spell components, and so on; the proprietor is Gretosotus.

Outside the village is a swamp where one can often find hippos.

Famous residents

Irth, Angbor.



Places of business

  • Airthorfazh's Bags
  • Dairg's Shop That Sells Everything But Bags

Public houses

  • The Crescent Moon