Trouble in Tieli

From Darfuria

Trouble In Tieli

A long adventure in several parts for a large party of adventurers, all of whom should start at 1st level. Characters will come and go, so it would be good to have a few kept back to join the party later at the appropriate times.

This adventure was inspired by and is based upon a book called Catweazle and the Magic Zodiac by Richard Carpenter ( Many ideas were also granted by Martin. One section is entirely by Richard, although that was more by convenience than design.

This adventure is time-based. The DM must keep track of time at all times, as there are events that take place at particular times.

Towards mid-summer, your characters will hear that there is adventure to be had in Tieli. This may occur by various means. A gang of dwarves are fixing the road from Tieli to Serrador, they will certainly know. They will be generally friendly to the party. Town criers and posters may be heard or seen in other towns and cities.

In our scenario characters travelled around the realm of Darfuria gathering party members from different locations. Starting in Ikkur, the party journeyed to Deraheib, Tibesti, Tieli, Ancona and Hebba before returning to Tieli. If a town has a monster problem that is too hot for the characters to handle, there will be higher level NPCs living in the town on hand to help.

Use the random encounter tables in the Fiend Folio or something similar for encounter determination. Use the temperate/subtropical tables. During their journeys around Darfuria, various encounters may occur. We had:

             Osquips              HP 13,12,14,22

             Wolves                            HP 15,7,7,6,10,15

             Goblins                            HP 6,6,8,6,5,7,3,7

             Ogres                            HP 20,21.

             Ogres                            HP 22,21,11,19

             Bulette                            HP 43              

             Trolls                            HP 42,36,30

             Ghasts                            HP 15,23,24,13,27,18

             Skulk                            HP 14

             Norkers              HP 10,10,8,7,7,7

             Blink dogs              HP 25,22

             Flinds                            HP 18,18,12(x22)

             Guys in bar              HP 4,1,2,10,10,20,10,10

Use the table for town encounters too. The party encountered a press gang:

             F1                            HP 7,7,7,7,7,7,7 armed with shortswords.

             F3                            HP 23. Has a +1 Sswd +2 vs fish and acts as ring of free action.

The mayor of Tieli, Murlish, is in a very flustered state because the King has asked him for money for taxes. He has not raised enough and doesn’t know what to do. If the taxes do not materialise by July 31st when the King himself will visit Murlish, he will be beheaded the next day. The DM should at all times be aware of the date! This can be anchored to the summer solstice full moon, see below.

However, Murlish does know that Dawdoc, one of his predecessors, overtaxed the citizens of Tieli hugely and hid the treasure away in a secret place protected with magic before he was removed from office. It is said that he became somewhat strange before he committed his misdemeanor. The only clue Murlish has as to the whereabouts of the treasure is an old rhyme that he found in a secret compartment in the bottom of his desk in the office. Murlish will reluctantly suggest that Kochka may be able to help unravel the mysteries within. It is written in the hand of Dawdoc, his predecessor.

Twelve are they that circle round

If power you seek they must be found

Then look for where the thirteenth lies

And mount aloft, the one who flies

Tieli has a population of about 52 000 and is well known for its wine, the orloj clocktower, some fine temples, breweries, tourism, hotels, river boats, fish, mutton, dwarves, jewellers, glass, weavers and leatherworkers. The mighty river Panchala has cut its course deeply into the earth and has not flooded for several decades, much to the relief of the citizens of the town. Its bridge was built by Lord Gertok in 937 and is well guarded with towers and gates at either end. It also contains a colleseum which is the home to brutal sporting events, although it is very popular with the locals.

01 - 16                            dwarf                            (16%)

17 - 21                            elf                            (5%)

22 - 27                            gnome                            (6%)

28 - 30               halfling                            (3%)

31 - 37                            half elf                            (7%)

38 - 39               half orc                            (2%)

40 - 00               human                            (61%)

Numerous inns and taverns exist within the streets of Tieli, though at this time of year many are full with the tourists expecting to see the sights, such as the golden goatherd on the night of the solstice moon. The Red Fox is conveniently near the town centre and will house the party for only 2gp/night/person. There are several barstaff there who will be pleased if the party sort out fights, etc. and will get to know the characters. This is also the temporary residence of an 8th level NPC cleric called Postevacek. He is alcoholic and learns random spells every day, and has a 50% chance to cast a wrong one at random when he is drunk, which is all the time. That cure light wounds could be a cause disease, who knows. He will encourage the other party members to drink with him at every opportunity. He is usually very happy, but sleeps late and feels terrible in the mornings unless he's had a drink. If pressed he'll cast cure poison on himself and act normal, then hit the bottle at the first opportunity. He will generally avoid adventuring with the party, prefering to stay in the bar and drink heavily.

As it is summer and Tieli is quite touristy and cosmopolitan with busy trade, the streets will be bustling during the day and there will still be folk out and about at all hours of the night, though not so many. Use common sense for the area of town and the time. Either side of the riverbanks, the land slopes up sharply. The northeast quarter of Tieli is strongly dwarven in flavour. There is a dwarven market, a gnome bank, temples of Berronar, Dumathoin, Thor, Dionysis, Goibhnie, Garl Glittergold, Moradin, Vergadain. A bar called The Ship lies on the riverfront.

Northwest of the river is the part of town you don't want to visit apart from the pleasure boats, 1sp/hour. Near the pleasure boats is the grill that will lead players to the sewers under Tieli where the missing books from the temple of Pan are (the temple is in the main square and is one of the most beautiful buildings in the known world). This quarter is where the thieves guild and assasins guild are. The beggars and bards guilds will also be here. There is a bar called the Blue Owl, this is where Blatini may be. There are temples to evil gods and the half-orcs and general bad people tend to live here. It is the poorest part of town and there is much crime. South of the river is far more human-orientated.

Kochka is a mad sage and a compulsive gambler with an obsession for flying. He lives in a ruined building by a long stone platform right by the river just outside town to the west by about 3 miles. There is a 1/6 chance of a random encounter whenever any party member makes this journey!

             Giant weasels                            HP17,21,8,17

             Gnolls                                          HP7,9,9,9,7

             Brown bears                            HP33,25,34

Kochka eats mice and drinks cream when he can. Mice may be caught and cream bought from town or local farms. Kochka is a bit bonkers and when the party have brought him mice he will try to get one of them to eat half of one then say that was the half he wanted. He has an old boat that he rows up and down the river. He may be able to help unravel some of the mysteries of the riddle. This he will do one star sign at a time until the party have done it. His clues will be very vague and he will try to encourage the party to think all the way. He will not tell the party anything about future star signs, he will just act a bit mad and not be able to remember and keep changing the subject. He does not trust Murlish so will not help him directly. Kochka will give the party a total of 10 nets near the end. He would like to be cured of his madness which caused him to hide the treasure. It is curse bestowed upon him by Tsgaa, an evil dragon.



Star signs

Days of Christmas


Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Half a day

Musical notes

When the party have worked out that its a spell, Kochka will tell them they need the components in his mad and vague way, if the party haven't got it. They need twelve, one to represent each sign of the zodiac. He will draw a big chalk circle on his platform and divide it into 12. At each he draws the proper symbol for the zodiac.

With a large party and the amount of sidequests and NPCs in this adventure, it is likely that the party may be in separate groups engaged in different activites at the same time. You will need to keep accurate track of time, bearing in mind how events taking place may affect each other. Different characters will earn different treasure and experience for doing so. Time taken for character training must also be carefully noted as this whole adventure takes place over about 6 weeks, and afterwards depends on the outcome. Use the methods in the DMs guide for time and cost of training. With people coming and going, the party balance will need to be maintained. Although no fixed dates are given for when events take place, the DM is advised to use discretion and set dates according to how the action is going.

Aries - The Ram

It is the time of year when the flock of magical golden rams cross the plains, the summer solstice full moon. The party must capture one and use its hooves. The DM knows the date from this point. Only a few of the herd will break off to fight the characters, and they must be interfered with to fight. Clever characters won't try to take on the whole herd! Use Goat, Wild (MM).

Taurus - The Bull

A farmer’s prize bull has escaped and is destroying everything it meets in a state of utter mayhem. Its horns are needed. The creature is 7HD, huge, and very angry (+2 on all dge). There will be a few faces in the crowd if the party are perceptive: Ashkinazi (a shadowed, pale, thin figure with sharp features in fine velvet hooded dark blue/grey robes), Prodcut (a large, drooling, sweaty, stinking halforc in dark robes and leather armour with the sleeves cut off), Monasyan (a handsome young half-elf with long blonde hair with a longsword in a scabbard) and Malkus (a thin human with a straight nose, short dark hair, a bit of stubble, wearing scratched studded leather) will all be onlooking. Monasyan and Malkus will be stood together. Ashkinazi will walk away quickly when the action is over, not wanting to be seen by anyone.

Gemini - The Twins

A pair of dolls, the spell component of a wizard, need to be acquired. Kochka may take a day or two to let this one out, it's the first real test.

The Residence of Pozor the Mage

Outside The House

Because of where the house is located, 4+1d4 guards will pass the house every two turns at night and 4 guards will pass it every turn during the day. Characters causing the alarms to go off will suffer guard incursions. The alarms will ring for 15 rounds, then stop. At least two groups of guards will arrive in that time. However, the guards may fall victim to the traps or inhabitants of the garden.

Due to illusions, only the front 70’X30’ section of the house is visible from the front, the rest can only be seen from the sides, above and the rear.

The 10’ hedges surrounding the house all have ‘entangle’ and ‘contingency’ spells cast upon them, entangling anyone who comes within 3’, except by the gate.This tends to irritate everybody as children, objects and passers-by often fall foul of the hedge and need to be cut free by the local militia. Pozor’s hedge is the most notorious hedge in Tieli.

The gate has a ‘magic mouth’ spell cast upon it and will laugh a friendly greeting to whoever passes through it. It will say “Welcome, do come in, one at a time please!”

All the windows of the house have illusions cast on them to make it look as if Pozor was sitting in a chair reading a book. In reality they are all curtained while the wizard is away.

A su-monster lives in the trees and could be in any of them.

A decapus lives in the group of trees at the back.

There are five archer bushes and a vampire rose near the pond.

The pile of rubbish is home for a 6HD otyugh, but this will only be awake at night.

A small family of bloodhawks live in the tree opposite the conservatory.

The tree above the pond is home to a family of jaculi.

Also near the pond is a hole which is home to a family of al-miraj.

Living in the pond, beside the normal goldfish, frogs and newts is a large toad. There is a rusty old dagger at the bottom of the pond, although if cleaned up will be seen to be a +2 dagger.

There are some large spiders in the maze. In the very centre is a well. There is a roof and a bucket on a rope. There is a 20’ drop to the waterline and the water is 5’ deep. Anyone falling in will take 2d6 dge. Short people wearing heavy armour may drown. A water weird lives in the well! About 2 feet above the waterline is a secret door that can be opened and leads into area 10.

A birdbath contains a magic liquid that will slow anyone who touches it for 6 turns. There is enough for 2 doses in a phial.

The shed contains all the normal gardening tools and a bottle of poison is kept in a locked metal box. The shed is locked.

The garden is guarded by 6 blink dogs; two at the front, two at the back and two in the maze.

The path from the gate to the front door of the house is of gravel and audible glamour has been used to make the crunching of feet on gravel much louder, thus alerting the blink dogs.

The doors leading into the house from the outside are all trapped, with the front door being trapped differently to all the others. The other doors are all trapped with sleep gases and alarms. Simply touching a door will set off an alarm, interfering with the lock or opening it will release the gas. The front door has a large ‘welcome’ mat in front of it. If more than one person is standing on the mat it will open and tip characters into a 10’ pit with sleep gas in the bottom 8’. There is a ‘shocking grasp’ cast on the doorknob and a simple poison needle trap on the lock of the door. However, anyone who turns the doorknob with their left hand or turns it anticlockwise will cause the mat to tip them into the pit. There is a secret door that leads to the pit under the hallway.

Inside the house

1. Entrance hallway guarded by a tirapheg. There is the illusion of a wall covering the entrance to the stairwell. A curtain hangs across the corridor to the conservatory (where the door was). If this curtain is disturbed it will fall to the ground. The floor will open and dump characters standing in the first 20’ (but not the very first 5’) from the front door into a 10’ deep pit with a hole leading to the lair of the al-miraj in the bottom. Note the secret door that leads to the other pit under the doormat. Evenly spaced poisoned darts will shoot from the floor towards the area by the back door. There are 10 darts and a hit from one will cause a loss of 1d4 STR unless save vs. poison.

2. Front room. There is a large bay window, a french door to the back garden and a fireplace. A superb roaring fire blazes noisily in the fireplace. Above is the mantelpiece on which stand several silver, brass and glass ornaments which are worth about 500gp if stolen. There are three easy chairs, a low coffee table, a sofa, some bookshelves containing novels, encyclopaedias, histories and light reading. Also among the books is a Tomb of Clear Thought (INT). On the table is a book with a few bookmarks in it. It is a book of animals and when opened to a particular page the animal will jump out and may aid the characters. The bookmarked pages have summoned/conjoured animals. For the non-bookmarked pages roll 1d12, bookmarked pages too

1              Mackeral                            1.              Poodle

2.              Kingfisher                            2.              Giant rat

3.              Two flies                            3.              Dolphin

4.              Hedgehog                            4.              Owl

5.              Starling                                          5.              Wildcat

6.              Rabbit                                          6.              Glow worm

7.              Goldfish                            7.              Lamb

8.               Frog                                          8.              1d8 wasps

9.              Lizard                                          9.              Beaver

10.              Gerbil                                          10.              Homing pigeon

11.               Beetle                                          11-12.              Special

12.              Wombat

The fire is an illusion and anyone climbing the chimney will find a secret stash - a +1 dagger, a +1 ring of protection, a wand of detect illusions, boots of fire resistance, a pouch containing dust of sneezing and choking, a phial of poison that looks like healing but will cause the drinker to sleep for 24 hours, jewellery worth 2000, 3000, 3500, 2500 and 1000gp, 550pp, 2752gp, 3674ep, 5584sp and 18754cp.

3. The loo. An old staff with the end broken leans in a corner and some of the metal binding around the broken end is twisted and sticks out a bit. In the toilet hidden from view is a button that can be pressed using the twisted metal of the staff. This will make the switch in the bathroom teleport people to the bottom of the well rather than the top. Perceptive characters may notice the staining of the broken end of the staff. If someone uses the toilet and flushes it, a disintegrate spell will affect whatever is in the bowl.

4. Kitchen/diner. There are several cupboards and work surfaces here. There is a cat looking forlornly at two empty bowls. The first person to see the cat must save vs. spell or fall in love with it, if they pass do it to the next person until someone fails. There is a table with a heavy earthen thing covering a bottle of drink (drink me!) and a plate of cake (eat me). There is also a magical ring, anyone putting it on will turn into a mouse and be chased/eaten by the cat. The person who is in love with the cat will do anything to protect it from the other party members. There is a special cupboard which is the fridge, there is an Ottiluke’s Freezing Sphere in here to keep everything cool. Among other things there is a plate of biscuits of addiction here. In one corner of the room is a mousehole and in it is some special cheese that will return the mouse to very small human form, although if they do not remove the ring within 1 turn they will revert to being a mouse again. There is also a very tiny +1 r.o.p. here that the first character can use. The character will have a random ability score raised when turning back to normal size. There is enough cheese for this to happen 3 times although no-one will be able to take the cheese out with them. There are standard kitchen tools and utensils, cutlery, crockery, a wine rack and a variety of standard cookbooks that lead you to believe that Pozor is good cook.

5. The door at the top of the stairs is locked. A lavish bedroom with rich furniture, tapestries on the walls, big comfy chairs and a built-in wardrobe. There are a number of large cuddly toys in the room over at the far end from the entrance. Anyone casting a spell in here will conjure cuddly toys unti they have had a remove curse. In the wardrobe are the wizard’s clothes, among them a cloak of protection, some bracers of defense AC8, gauntlets of fumbling and boots of missile avoidance (+4 vs. missiles). By the bed is a little dresser, in one of the drawers is an armband which if worn will cause all cuddly toys within 10 feet to animate and attack the wearer as MU1 for 1pt/dmg. There is also a book on the dresser, a Libram of Gainful Conjuration. There is also a +1 bangle of protection in the drawer with the armband.

6. Here is a conservatory and a great many different herbs grow here, any from the Dms guide will do. There are two potion flasks as well; a potion of plant growth and a potion of poison. Above the door to the garden live a couple of ear seekers.

7. Bathroom complete with bath, basin, cupboard of towels and medicine cabinet. The bath looks particularly scratched and battered. In the cabinet are potions of healing, extra healing, cure poison and cure disease. There is also all the normal stuff. Above the bath on the wall are two big switches in the up position and a dial. One switch has an iron spike as a safety catch. When moved to the down position, anything in the bath gets teleported to the top of the well unless the switch inside the toilet has been switched in which case it arrives at the bottom. The other switch and dial fill the bath with water to variable temperature depending on the dial.

8. Library - all kinds of books can be found here pertaining to illusion and alteration magic - quite a collection. There is also a necromancy section which includes a manual of golems, of the flesh variety. Additional magical books include a manual of quickness of action, a libram of ineffable damnation, a blank spellbook and a cursed tome of understanding that will reduce WIS. Guarding the room is a homonculus. There are some scroll cases too, although they contain letters from Pozor’s family and wife. It would seem he also has an apprentice. The party have just nine hours to escape after doing the job here or Pozor will return!

9. Laboratory - all kinds of bottles of chemicals can be found here, including oils, acids, poisons and goodness knows what else. There is a potion of healing and an antidote in a locked wooden box on the wall. There are test tubes and beakers, nasty things in jars, burners - DMG p.218. In a locked cupboard, trapped with a poison needle and a scything blade are some more things. A potion of polymorph, a pearl of power, and 7 scroll cases. All are trapped with a fire trap spell. The other 10 are in room 19.

Scroll #1 and #2 are enchant an item, limited wish, permanancy.

Scroll #3: symbol

Scoll 4:Fire charm, mirror image, charm person, audible glamour.

Scroll 5: Magic mouth, mirror image, enlarge.

Scroll 6: Web

Scroll 7: Web, spider climb, polymorph self.

Scroll 8: Polymorph other, blink.

Scroll 9: Colour spray, invisibility, fascinate, detect illusion.

Scroll 10: Detect magic, sleep.

Scroll 11: Read magic, identify.

Scroll 12: Create water

Scroll 13: Has a curse that will summon a demon

Scroll 14: Has a curse that will set off a fireball

Scroll 15: Wizard mark

Scroll 16: Control temperature

Scroll 17: Disintegrate

10. A crossroads. Going in a direction other than straight on will take the characters down stairs to directly under the well where a pressure plate will cause the well to drain into the space below.

11. This room is locked and the door is hollow. Anyone opening the door by using the nadle will cause gas to fill the corridor. Those who save will be put to sleep, the who fail will feel nauseous. Just inside the door is a ladder that goes to the ceiling. There is one on the other side of the room. There is broken glass stuck all over the ceiling. Reverse gravity is in effect and anyone falling to the ceiling will take 1d6 falling damage plus 1d4 from cuts on the glass.

12. The next room looks the same, but the only place where the reverse gravity is in effect is by the ladder when the ladder is being touched, therefore anyone who lets go of the ladder will take 1d6 falling damage. If someone falls a magic mouth will laugh at them. Both doors are locked. At the end of the passage is a torch with Fire Charm cast upon it. Characters will need to discover the secret door to continue.

13. Here lieth a gelatinous cube.

14. Nothing in here but some piercers.

15. There are torches burning on either side of the doors and midway along the walls either side of the room. There are two curtains in the room, the one to the right hides a mirror of opposite alignment. The exit door is locked and hollow with exploding gas. Anyone within 10 feet of the torches at this end will be subject to a fire charm from the torches. As soon as anyone touches the door, a hypnotic pattern appears on it. When the gas escapes from the door, both torches move so that they are in the gas and cause it to explode.

16. There is another gelatimous cube and a sheet of darkness stops the characters seeing through the doorway where the room opens out. There appears to be a walkway across a pool of acid here, but in fact illusions mean that the walkway is acid and the acid is the walkway. On the far side of the room is a chest containing various objects: a sponge, a saucepan, a stone, a seive, a box of candles, an empty sack and a stick. They have all had Nystul’s Magic Aura cast upon them but are otherwise normal. There is also a stash of coins here, though not a very large one. The door at the far side is locked and trapped with a scything blade. Just beyond it is a pressure plate that will cause a block of stone to fall from the ceiling 10 seconds after the pressure plate has been triggered.

17. A spiral staircase goes down 30 feet. At the bottom the centre of the stairway is corded off with a gold coloured rope. The floor is a rich, deep red colour and in the centre is a gold inlay with a pattern of wings on it. Anyone touching this will slowly rise to the ceiling. The ceiling has Dispel Magic cast upon it, so upon reaching the ceiling the victim will fall, taking 3d6 dge.

18. A chess room. The player may only step on the squares they would be allowed to step on as the chesspiece they would be if they stepped on it. Wrong moves mean 1d4 dge. On the far side is a teleporter to the wizards secret place. However, it is a vacuum and characters will need to take the necklaces of adaption that lie within the secret compartment if they are to survive. The other secret compartment contains the switch that will determine whether characters are teleported to the bath or the wizard’s inner sanctum.

19. This is it. Mimo the Apprentice is here, he is a 5th level wizard. He has a cloak of displacement, staff of striking, ring of Wizardry (doubles 1st/2nd) and +2 rop. He will use Lightning Bolt, invisibility, spider climb, sleep, magic missile, burning hands. He has a spellbook about the place and a scrol of protection from cantrips. There are details of a few spells that Pozor has researched about the place but you cannot understand them. You find his dolls, the rest of the scrolls, a wand of illusion, a manual of dogmatic methods, a school cap, a jar of preserving, a thought bottle, a philosopher’s egg, a lens of speed reading, a prism of light splitting, a liquid road, some time bombs and some dosh.

And then...

Pozor will be highly displeased when he discovers his house has been ransacked while he was away. He will take steps to find out who was responsible. This may take some time, probably after the adventure is finished. Invisible stalkers will help and he will bring Mimo back to life, he has clones of his servant as well as of himself.

Some of the party may wish to go away to train to go up levels at this point. Murlish knows a wizard who can give characters an occasional level-up if loads need them and there isn't enough gold. He can also create a special breakfast, once. About now would also be a good time to introduce any new PCs as well as some more of the villains and NPCs in the story. There are ways to introduce them below.

The day after the house of Pozor shenanigans, some of the party enter the main square. There will be more hustle and bustle than usual. A platform for a gallows is being erected in the centre of the square to hang Mipipm the murderer. The sentence was passed by the town's head judge, Horzishka. A town crier is announcing the fair which is coming to town. There will be jugglers, gymnasts, acts involving humans and animals, competitions and prizes. The DM needs to decide on the dates for these events considering everything else that is happening. There is a woman who will offer tours of the orloj for 5cp. If the party go in the ceiling is being repaired, the centre of a 5x5 grid is missing and a Z or N (?) can be seen on the ceiling.

The party will probably also learn from anyone they want to talk to about current affairs that the notorious thief Rasa is to be tried by Horzishka. He is known for replacing stolen items with a piece of fools gold. Also being tried is an ogre and Spatny the Thug, who also killed someone.

A halforc called Blatini has a gang and they plan to steal the prize money for the archery contest. The party will find him in any bar other than the one they are staying in. Blatini is a halforc F6. If the party visit The Festering Leg, he will definitely be there.

In the dwarven market is a tattooist who can do magic tattoos for a price. He will only be in town for one day and won't do more than 1 tattoo per character.

Cancer - The Crab

A silver ornamental inkwell in the shape of a crab is used by a local magistrate - the party need to steal this.

The Courthouses


Two guard huts by the front gate.

             F1 (4)               AC4, HP10              Chain, shield, Lswd

Outside each door are a pair of similar guards.

             F1 (2)               AC4, HP10              Chain, shield, Lswd (total of 6 guards)

Inside centre doors:

             F4 (1)              AC2,HP40              Plate, shield, +1 Lswd

             F2 (2)              AC3,HP20              Splint, shield, Lswd

Inside other doors

             F2, F1

Total:              F1=12, F2=4, F4=1


1. Entrance hallway, stairs go down to a locked door.

2. Courtroom. Stairs down to a holding room in dock. If the court is in session the inkwell will be here, with Horzishka. Locked, and unlocked and guarded when in session.

3. Waiting room.

4. Brooms.

5. Cloakroom with elderly female human attendant. Locked.

6. Robing room. Locked.

7. Inner sanctum, stash containing a fair amount of loose cash from the tax collection and fines. Locked and trapped. Stash locked.

8. Court office. Locked. Keys for cells here too, locked away.

9. Place where fines and taxes are received. Locked.

10. Torture chamber and stairs up to dock. Locked.

11. Cells: R= Raza, S=Spatny, O=ogre, D=Dudric*. All are locked. This area is guarded by fighters like those above.


             F2 (1)              AC3,HP20              Splint, shield, Lswd

             F1 (2)               AC4, HP10              Chain, shield, Lswd

             Ogre              HP25




*Dudric became a player character, a druid charged with casting druid spells in town in public (forbidden). The PC will of course be an escaped outlaw, which could add interest. He will need to be in disguise. Encourage imagination.

While the party may be unable to get the inkwell, Raza will definitely get it for them. He will encourage the party to let him out. Characters will have to be sharp to get a good look at him, this may prove important much later. He will cover his forehead as soon as he can with his bandana, locked away in the stash cupboard. His hair is long, thick, curly and sand coloured going grey, and he has a scar from his left eyebrow to the top of his forehead.

Spatny is tall and strongly built, with very short dark hair and tanned skin. On his left arm is a tattoo with a sword piercing a burning heart from below and the name Dorissa in a crest. Spatny is actually quite a tragic figure in the story. He will try to get released to help the party but straight afterwards he may cause a fight with any dwarves, e.g. Raza. He certainly will try to scarper, alone if he must. His equipment is at home, not in the cupboard in the guardroom.

One of the PCs who isn't at the scene was witness to Spatny's crime. I had this PC materialise during Leo. Spatny will try to locate and go after this PC. He gets his items back for future encounters. His items include a ring which enable him to look exactly like the person the wearer loves most. For Spatny this is a tall, well-built blond woman with pigtails, aged 35 or so. She wears a shiny silver robe and has silver ribbons in her pigtails. She is Dorissa. Think Viking. The wearer of the ring becomes more and more obsessed with being their true love, unless a remove curse is performed there is a 5% cumulative chance that they will not want to take the ring off. The wearer will feel its draw becoming stronger. Dorissa is the sister of the woman he was witnessed killing. Poor Spatny has a complex life.

12. A 40' high spiral staircase leads upwards. A sign says "Use the handrail!" Characters not using the handrail on the climb will find the stairs they are standing on turn ethereal, dropping them to the floor and causing damage. Near the top, characters will be attack by stirges. How do they fight/defend etc when holding on to the handrail?

             Stirges              HP:2,2,2,3,7,9,9,2,2,5

At the top is Hozishka's private room. Anyone casting spells in this room will be unsuccessful, they will only create (1d4/spell level) large yellowy bubbles with the face of the caster on them, which will come from their mouths, fingers, ends of swords, etc. There is a large black and silver chair on a plinth. The first person to sit in this chair when the switch is operated will have a random ability score raised permanantly by 1. At the desk is a panel with 2 switches and a dial. The dial goes 1-20 and is set at 10. The lever that is up will cause the entire room to descend, but it is a airtight so everybody will pass out due to the thin air. A very clever thief may notice the gap between the floor and the walls. If the door is opened when the room is down it will do so very suddenly causing damage to the unwary and lead into the passages that connect to the sewers and tunnels under Tieli. When the room goes down, the whole lot moves, including the staircase. The other lever is down and will cause a shock for the amount of dge shown on the dial to anyone sat in the seat if clicked up. A magic mouth will laugh mockingly nearby. Among the papers is a letter which will magically catch fire if anyone other than Horzishka picks it up.


Everything is as true as one of my arrows. The red wyrm Tsgaa is pleased at our progress. Nobody will recognise Dawdoc now that his identity has been altered to that of a complete fool. Sanbalet is clearly a more capable illusionist than we thought.


The inkwell is in a locked drawer in the desk, along wih quills and things. Also in this drawer is a crystal flask containing a philter of love. There are many bookshelves. On a shelf is a magical telescope. This looks directly into the lair of a medusa, turning the viewer to stone unless they save. If they save, the view pans across to the huge treasure stash of the medusa. "Here, have a look at this!"

13. Questioning.

14. Office. Locked.

15. Toilets, washroom.

16. Officers mess. Locked cupboard containing captives' gear.

17. Door to this room is locked and trapped. Room full of statues all standing in similar rather odd poses pulling weird faces. The DM should mime how different people might stand as if holding a telescope. There are also paintings and trophies in here. If a trophy is turned upside down, the secret door will open.

And then...

Goodness knows what Murlish or Kochka will make of the letter if they see it. Make some accident happen so it catches fire, then characters have to remember it and there's no evidence. Horzishka will try to find out who's been into the jail. So will every guard in the place, and they'll be looking for Raza and Spatny too (in vain).

Leo - The Lion

On the Plains of Jaluta are lions - the tail of the head male is required. Use the MM and for the alpha male use maximum possible hit points. Lions are tough creatures yet are shy, though fierce in packs. If you've ever watched a nature programme these creatures will act in the same way. Of course, the party don't have to kill the lion to get his tail...

             Lions              HP42,23,23,18,24,33,22,28.

This was also the time and place that a new PC was introduced, he was going to town to testify in court against Spatny's crime, he witnessed Spatny murder a woman. Spatny also knows who the witnesses were and he is going to try to eliminate them. It will take him a very short time to work this out. After fetching his equipment he will look for the party in his disguise to thank them for helping him out of jail and offer a favour for sometime. However, when he sees the witness he will try to get them alone through the use of his helm of telepathy, e.g. planting a suggestion into the mind of his victim that they should go outside for a breath of air, etc. Spatny killed the witness in some poor woman's back garden, the body was found the next morning and the players were soon on the scene. When the party had the character raised from the dead and he returned to the Red Fox, Dorissa looked extremely surprised, finished her drink and left. Up to you how you play events from there, Spatny of course tried to do it again and was captured by the party. They'll probably try his ring on, so early in the game it is good to know and note who each character loves the most. It could be Pozor's cat, another PC or even themselves! This can be done in a bar conversation, or a chat with anyone really.

Virgo - The Virgin

A small delicate statuette of a beautiful young woman needs to be stolen from a successful thief. Guess who has the statue? Raza, of course! He will be at his guild, which is a dangerous and rather weird place. Raza will escape and come back to haunt the party later. Raza is a canny old soul and already has an operation up and running with some of his cronies. This has upset the power of the existing thieves guild in town as Raza has been away. Clever characters may think of getting help from the other guild to perform this mission.

Raza's Guild

This is located in a warehouse by the riverbank on the north side, not far from the pleasure boats. The warehouse next door happens to be derelict if the party want to do a stake-out. There is a rickety stairway leading up to a balcony that goes all around the top. A trapdoor leads out onto the roof, which slopes up to a flat top. It is semi-detatched to Raza's warehouse. Raza's has no trapdoor to the roof though! The secret door to Raza's is in the back yard. In the yard is a lot of rubbish and junk and a balista which is armed and pointed at the door, it can be fired by a thief running away.

1. The main doors will usually be barred, there is a secret knock code for it to be raised. Characters may have to sneak in or hope that bar is not present (5% chance). Inside the double doors there is a large room. To the immediate left are a pair of large wooden crates, and to the right, in the corner, a set of sack trucks. There are 2 empty chests in the room. At each chest 2 T1s are practicing their open locks skills supervised by a T3. There is one T5 watching the whole session. Raza is in the glass enclave with a T4 and 2 T2s. As soon as he becomes aware of the party, he will run straight through the sheet of darkness in the NE corner and go down the trapdoor. Note that the iron rungs set into the wall to the west are an illusion and the actual rungs are to the north and invisible - no problem for Raza but -1 on DEX for chrs when they have made this discovery. It is 20' down.

             T5              AC2 HP27 DEX18 +1 dagger that does 1d6/1d4 dge on the way out

                                         (1+1d4+1d6/1+1d3+1d4), bracers AC6, elven cloak

             T4              AC3 HP21 DEX18 studded, dagger, sswd, xbow and 18 +1 bolts

             T3              AC4 HP15,16 DEX18 dagger, sswd, xbow, leather

             T2              AC5 HP11,9 DEX17 daggers, sswd, xbow, leather

             T1              AC6 HP5,5,5,5 DEX16 sswd, leather, 6 daggers each

2. Spells will only work in the glass enclave, elsewhere bluish bubbles with the face of the castor will be produced. Note that a wooshbang nasty is in a wooden box here, the thieves may well get it out though where they place it will have different effects! In one of the crates in the northwest corner is a backfiring crossbow. All the thieves have picks and tools, and the T5 has a tiny tub of silvery ointment that will give 5% to pick locks when rubbed into a lock. There is enough for 5 uses. In the enclave are magnifying glasses, tools and test equipment. Chrs may find a vial of acid and a vial of weak poison here (save @ +2 or sleep 1-6 turns). The other crates are empty or contain mundane things.

3. The invisible ladder's bottom is in a corridor. To the west are stairs going down, the east a T junction with a corridor running north to south. Corridors are 10' wide and lit with torches burning in brackets.

4. At the bottom of the stairs is a north to south corridor. To the south is a locked door with the word 'Danger!' painted on it untidily in runny whitewash. To the north are 2 pressure plates, a pit and a door. The door has arrowslits either side and are wide enough for 3 kobolds to shoot through each from the other side. Both pressure plates cause a 5 dice fireball to go off. The party may have trouble getting part here for a while.

5. In this room are kobolds shooting through the arrow slits. When the party finally get to here, bugbear will use the ballista mounted on the platform to shoot kobolds that have been covered in hot tar and set alight at the party. Should cause some activity! The weapon will easily hit the door marked 'danger!'. Next to the ballista is a barrel of tar. The kobolds are terrified and will surrender easily. There is a secret compartment in the platform which contains a switch to deactivate the pressure plates. The first kobolds are at the arrow slits.

             Kobolds              HP4,4,4,4,4,4

             Bugbears              HP23,13,14

             Kobolds              HP4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4

6. Bugbear quarters with typical bugbear things.

7. Kobold quarters. Ditto.

8. Characters touching the door will have a jet of oil from either side of the corridor shoot from the ceiling through the flame of the torches and be set alight.

9. When the front characters reach the point marked X, the chrs behind them will see them disappear. They have been teleported to Y and see not the back of the party but an illusion of some random monster bearing down on them to attack. If they shoot or cast fireball etc. they may well hit the rear members of the party.

10. The corridor twists and turns and slopes down to a huge round iron door with a large wheel to open it. This wheel is very stiff. The door is cold and there is a faint roaring sound from behind it. A few small puddles of water are on the floor here. This opens to the river Panchala. Try to give chrs some warning, there could be a lot of mess! The water level will rise to the level of the bottom step by 4. This means that the pit will be full, etc. Water level will rise rapidly up the corridor and slow down as it reaches equilibrium. Use common sense to DM the consequences.

11. Just through the secret door there is a target on the wall to the left. A crossbow bolt is right in the bullseye. Around the corner the passage is blocked by a huge slab of stone. This is where Raza went and the bolt was his. Try as they might, the stone is way too heavy for the party to lift.

12. The party will notice sharp spikes set into the wall opposite the door. The door opens inwards, is locked and is rigged up to a large heavy log that is suspended from the ceiling. The door will be snatched out of the hand of the opener and the log will swing through, causing 1d10 dge to anyone in front of the door and throwing them back onto the spikes or onto other party members who will be impailed instead. Chrs will hit 1d6 spikes for 1d4 each.

13. There is no floor here, and a shaft goes both up and down. A rope is bang in the middle of the shaft, attached top and bottom, though not under any great tension. The shaft goes up 10' to a ceiling of bristling spikes and a ring that the rope is attached to, and down 20' to a floor in a corridor. Reverse gravity exists in the shaft, chrs are liable to fall up onto the spikes. It's 10' above the 10' high corridor, so a 2d6 for a 20' fall and 1d6 spikes for 1d6 each. Ow!

14. Chrs standing on the pressure plate in front of the door will cause the lid of the snake pit to slide back. Any chr standing on the sliding section should make a DEX check or fall in. You can have whatever snakes you like, unfortunately my party cunningly threw burning oil down and cooked them all. Somewhat smelly and smoky but at least they didn't get bitten! The room has a log trap that functions the same as 12, except chrs may end up in the snake pit. Crossing the pit could be more tricky as it is 20' long.

15. The door to the corridor is locked. Beyond the section of floor is pivoted in the centre and covered in oil. It is locked but if a chr stands on the pressure plate it will release. In the pit below is a carrion crawler. Weights of chrs would be useful info here perhaps. It will balance level when there's no-one left on it. A gnome at one end may be crushed against the ceiling if a couple of fat clerics are stood at the other end. Remember it's slippery!

             Carrion crawler                            HP18

16. Locked door. 3 spears will shoot at the chrs from inside the wall when the door is opened. They can take them if they want.

17. A sheet of webs perfectly blocks the room. In the centre is a spider. It is a bomb that will explode for a 5d6 fireball if disturbed/attacked.

18. Beyond an illusion of a 20' pit is a real 20' pit covered by an illusion. Beyond is a locked and trapped door. The stairs have not been used in a long time, they are old and dusty. The heavy, locked, trapped door beyond hasn't been opened for years and leads to the tunnels under Tieli. Use the random dungeon generation if chrs venture here.

19. Opposite the door is a large target. The other door will only open if chrs hit the wall, not the target.

20. In this room is a staircase going up to a heavy door 10' above the floor. The door is not locked. At the bottom of the staircase is a pit that is 10' deep and will open if more than 50lbs weight is put on it. In the SE corner is a large target on the floor. It is sprung and will move up and down a little. Under it is a large spike which chrs may be able to see if they press the target down at one side and look underneath from opposite. Anyone passing the door at the top of the stairs must save vs spell or they will be teleported at the same height to above the pit at the bottom of the stairs. They will fall onto the pit at the bottom taking 1d6, it will open and they fall another 10' and take 1d6 along with any others standing there. The victim is then teleported to above the target where they fall taking another d6 and 2d4 from the spike. No victim will suffer this twice.

21. Ladder up to the safe house. Raza emerged through the secret door and made good his escape from here. He thought it was Nastupiste's guild come for him, especially if he sees a thief in the party who is from that guild. The house is occupied by 3 guild members who are cunning and will work as a team to defeat the party. The last one standing will try to flee if more than 2 party members stand.

             Harvey                            T8              AC0              HP45

                           +2 shortsword, +2 studded, +2 dagger of venom (save or die: 5/2),                                           gauntlets of DEX, potion of invisibility: 3, boots of spider climb.

             Oswald                            T6              AC2              HP32

                           +1 shortsword, +1 dagger (+2vs spellcasters), +1 studded.

             Monasyan              F5/T6              AC1              HP32

                           +1 longsword, +2 chainmail, shield, longbow, 12 +1 arrows, dagger,                             gloves of thievery.

There is also a very well guarded treasure stash in the house. Use any tricks/traps you like. Along with the statuette, there is a potion of treasure finding:1, philter of stammering and stuttering: 2, manual of quickness of action, manual of stealthy pilfering, some poison, neutralise poison: 3, extra-healing: 4, scent of charming: 2, scent of suggestion: 3, powder of magic detection: 4, glasses of analysation.

Libra - The Balances

These are used for weighing gold and need to be stolen from Hamed's jewellers shop. If the party try to buy the scales, the shop will sell them the wrong ones for as much as they can get. Don't forget about Spatny, he'll be after his witness. When the party did this part of the adventure it all went horribly wrong; the whole place went up in flames and several of them were caught and questioned for a few days. All of them got away eventually with different outcomes and criminal records. Characters may be on a mission to save the mayor and find everyone's money but that doesn't give them the right to break the law. This kind of thing could happen at any time. Horzishka will try to get evil characters to work for him against the party.

Scorpio - The Scorpion

This event is not dependant on Kochka but will happen two or three days before the archery contest. The party may have already seen to a scorpion or two or they may be struggling with the inkwell, who knows. Giant scorpions are bothering the neighbourhood - the party need a poison sting from one. The fight will be taking place just outside the city gates as the party arrive. The party can drive them out and shut the gates behind them, or come upon the scene if returning from out of town. The elf Ashkinazi will appear on the battlements and finish off the scorpions with ease and claim the fame from the crowd. He has been the archery champion for the last 7 years and will be in the forthcoming tournament to defend his title. The crowd will believe he did the job, not the party.

             Giant Scorpions: HP26,31,28,26

After this has happened, Blatini will mount his raid on the caravan with his group that will include at least one PC. To complicate things further, the thieves guild also want to do exactly the same thing. Nastupiste the guildmaster will send Pasku, Sulo, Pomoc, Czervena and Harry Lambos with any PC thieves, they will be given acclaim and any level-ups they need to 5th as reward for success. What the party don't know is that Ashkinazi is watching the caravan and will defend it, handing those he takes down to the authorities! It would be useful to have 2 different players in the two different camps! The outcome could vary greatly.

Sagitarius - The Archer

On June 21st, the summer solstice, the annual archery contest takes place at Tieli colloseum. Somebody needs to win or steal the prize in an archery contest - a cupid. That means either beating Ashkinazi or getting the thing off him when he wins. First prize is 25000gp, so maybe the party will want to win. It will increase the fame of the winner greatly, and enhance their charisma by 2.

At the archery contest there is an elf who sells magical bows and arrows. Ardulu will be there.

Other contestants besides the PCs and Ashkinazi can include:










The archery contest goes like this: round 1 the contestants must shoot two pidgeons down before they get away. At the end of round 1 there will be 16 competitors left, of whom Ardulu, Monasyan and Malkus are best. I also had a party of chrs who were passing through the town take place.

If Raza is unable to steal his statue back from the party he will use fighters to attack the party, perhaps causing a distraction so he can get in. One of them will be Malkus, who will surrender to the party and even work for them. Raza will somehow find a way to get the statue back, even if it's not just yet. He will try when the items are unguarded. He'll be watching. The player needs to draw a detailed map of where all the spell components are kept.

Capricorn - The Goat

The wings of a goat devil are needed. These can be obtained on Killdevil Hill. Ryder the ranger lives there too. He doesn't fight the devils when they come and they leave him alone.

Aquarius - The Water Bearer

A magical font for unholy water from an evil temple. See The Stronghold of Darkness. It's a long way to Tamreel, although at a forced march it's possible to make it in a day. My party got lost in the hills in the dark and ended up wandering around for ages, finally working out where they were the next day! On the way there or back, the party may meet:

             Giant scorpions              HP 26,31,23,34,21

             Huge spiders              HP 12,14,10,7,8,12,10,13

             Werewolves              HP 18,21,28,26

             Dakons (FF)              

             Giant toads              HP 13,15,12,11,12,17,17,14,11,11,13

             Ogres                            HP 22,28,19,21,21,17,30,18,13,24,28,20,22,22,9,21

While the party are doing this, Raza will steal his statue and the other items the party have collected from the party's base and replace them with a lumps of fools gold. There will be other dead thieves. Raza will send a ransom message to the party for their things. He will want an explanation as to why his friends double crossed him. His message will take the form of a group of mercenary archers, one of whom will be Malkus. If the battle is going badly, he will be the one who speaks.

             F3              AC4              HP30 (Malkus)                            Longbow & arrows @ +3 to hit

             F2              AC4              HP20,20                            Longbow & arrows @ +2 to hit

             F1              AC5              HP10,10,10,10              Longbow & arrows @ +1 to hit

Pisces - The Fish

To help the party, Kochka has collected 10 nets which he will give, one to each party member until everyone has one and then continue to give them out. Therre may well be more than 10 party members though. He will give them a hairnet, a fishing net, a butterfly net, a netball net, a pair of fishnet tights, a tabletennis net, 1 square metre of fisherman's nets, a mosquito net, a loosely knitted bag and a home-made net that he made himself from odd bits of string. He seems very pleased with this one and will shyly give it to the most attractive female in the group. This is actually a clue to the middle line of the riddle.

Should be easy enough to catch a few giant gar. The will swim up the Panchala from the west and eat someone on a boat when the characters are watching. If the party are good or cocky, they have to be taken alive. When I DMd this, live fish were the order.

             Giant gar              HP40,38,31,33,32,33

Raza will have taken up residence in the other guild. Nastupiste the guildmaster will be captured, along with Pomoc, Czervena, Pasku, Sulo and Harry Lambos. When the party go to confront Raza, he will actually be invisible due to dust of disappearance. The captured thieves, tied and gagged, will be unable to communicate this unless released. The other dwarf will pose charismatically as Raza - do the characters remember his scar? Decribe this dwarf as having long thick dark hair and a dark thick beard. He is wearing dark clothes, a dark bandana and will be sat on a chair in front of the window. It will be darkish in the place anyway. Raza's henchman who survived the encounter with the party at their own guild will be to the dwarf's right. Two human guards will be in front of and either side of them. Raza will be skulking around invisibly, moving silently and getting ready to backstab. It should be noted that he will not harm humans due to his ring but attack other races, starting with halforcs, then elves and halfelves, halflings, gnomes and dwarves. Each has a flask and will drink a dose of the potion of speed in it (leaving 1 dose in each flask) before the battle begins.

             Human F7              AC2              HP70,70              Plate, shield, great helm, Lswd @ +2 +4

             Dwarf T3              AC3              HP20                            Studded, Sswd, dagger

             Raza                            see special


Now the party have all the necessary components. Hopefully Murlish hasn't been executed yet. If this spell is cast by three wizards together, they will be given the power of true seeing. They will see that the 12 on the clock is really 13 if they look. Up in the bell tower is a secret attic that contains the missing treasure - 1 612 000 worth of gold pieces in assorted coinage (31gp/person/year) and a magic carpet! Plus a magic item for each character.











This mantra will open the secret trapdoor in the ceiling of the clocktower if it is chanted by a group of clerics. The consonants are inscribed upon the ceiling of the clocktower but can only be seen with the true seeing spell.



Male Human Cleric Level 8 CG AC4 (usually 10) HP63


Spells: 5*1st, 5*2nd, 3*3rd, 2*4th.

Has chain, shield, mace in his room, rarely wears them because he is in the bar all the time.

On a rare good day his spells may read: (1) CLW, Sanctuary, Command, endure heat, create water, (2) Nap, idea, know aln, slow poison, wyvern watch, (3) memory read, choose future, locate object (reversed), (4) modify memory, sticks to snakes. He may learn more healing if the party need it and he remembers to do so.

Spatny the Thug

Male Halforc Fighter Level 9 NE AC-3 HP90

STR19(natural18/69) INT 9 WIS 9 DEX16 CON16 CHA5

+2 bastard sword of speed, +2 githyanki splint mail, +2 shield (black with a silver rim), girdle of hill giant strength, helm of telepathy, black dragon card, cursed ring.

This guy will fight like hell to defend himself. He is as torn and wretched as a man can be due to the troubles in his life, but he will keep it quiet until his deathbed. He will try to warn the characters of the ring.


Male Dwarf Thief Level 11 LE AC-3 HP67


Has a pair of +3 daggers of speed that give a -3 AC bonus when used, and only when used together (1 attack roll instead of 2) to backstab, both daggers do 1d6 dge instead of 1d4. Also has bracers of defense AC4, dust of disappearance: 2, a potion of speed: 3 and a dying speech ring.

As he dies he will try to draw a character down to his face to listen to him talk about some treasure somewhere (real or fictitious). He will breathe his dying breath into the face of whoever he can and they will then be unable to do any willful harm to a dwarf. The ring on Raza's finger will then crumble to dust. If the party take the dust and do magical things to it the ring will be restored.


Male High Elf Fighter Level 14 NE AC-3 HP78


+4 elven longbow of speed (any non-elf picking it up takes 2d6 dge no save), +4 arrows that do 1d10 dge, +2 elven chain, +1 dagger, +1 longsword, flying carpet for two people, ring of invisibility, brown elven cloak, black high hard boots of speed, medallion of ESP.

Ashkinazi is a complex and mysterious fellow. He fancied the idea of the extra gold from the town where he had been earning acclaim as the finest archer in all Darfuria. Why not? He was a celebrity. He is another name that puts Tieli on the map. They owe it to him. He can turn on the style when he wants dramatic effect but usually prefers to go about himself secretly.

Ashkinazi is no great swordsman, prefering to use his deadly bow. He has a small one-floor 2-room house in a quiet street in a respectable part of Tieli, but his real home is Taur Geldor. He makes trips to Eldaril from time to time to visit Blazen and Tsgaa. He would like to adventure with Blazen some day.

Ashkinazi considers himself a free agent. He is more closely allied to Tsgaa and Blazen than any of his Tieli contacts, they wield more power. Horzishka thinks very well of him and admires his talents and is a little afraid of him in truth. In turn, Ashkinazi respects the power Horzishka has in the town and is aware of the advantages of such an influential friend. He knows Pozor and even adventured with him years ago but doesn't really like the overbearing wizard. Ashkinazi hides it well but tends to shun dwarves. He knows several, such as Klepka, but believes himself superior. He doesn't like any non-elven races much unless they are powerful.


Tieli's gold was to be split between Ashkinazi (30%), Tsgaa (30%), Horzishka (30%) and Sanbalet (10%). Horzishka is the inside man with plenty of influence. Ashkinazi is the link man who thought of the idea after dinner with Horzishka one merry night. Tsgaa is amused by Ashkinazi and sees his potential, though has never actually met Horzishka. Blazen also likes Ashkinazi a great deal. After fleeing Saltmarsh for ikkur, then to Derraheib, Serrador and finally Tieli, Sanbalet recognised Ashkinazi from the archery contest in Deraheib last year and asked him for help. When the illusionist amused him with his trickery, Ashkinazi agreed and the two started becoming friends. Sanbalet stayed with Ashkinazi for a few days in disguise before making his way on to Hebba. He is staying there and trying to find what happened to his ship the Sea Ghost so he can start his operations again.

Tsgaa gave Ashkinazi the ingredients to curse Dawdoc. Ashkinazi gave them to Horzishka who got Dawdoc in his office one day. Special sand was thrown in his face to make him liable to Horzishkas suggestions. His memory would be modified to forget the incident and forget why he was doing it, and speak not of it. Dawdoc went slowly mad over the next few months and after overtaxing the citizens of the town, hid the gold away with the help of Kochka, a mad old man who was alleged to have magical powers and lived alone in a shack on a platform by the south bank of the River Panchala to the west of Tieli. Kochka then sealed the gold into the roof (he thought he was doing the town a favour) using a magic so ancient no normal modern wizard would comprehend it, and then the two left.

Ashkinazi watched Kochka go, invisibly from his flying carpet hovering nearby. Sanbalet was sat beside him. They followed. It was a critical time. Dawdoc would be unable to tell anyone what he was doing because of the curse, but Kochka might. Knowing what he had done, Dawdoc decided after an hour of agonising back home to go after Kochka to unseal the gold, he just didn't know why he was doing all this. The old man was tired and had fallen asleep when Dawdoc arrived. He was not best pleased to be woken up and asked to undo his work, and a fight started. In the confusion, Ashkinazi and Sanbalet took one look at where they thought each other were (they were both invisible) and joined in, the result being that Kochka lay dead and Dawdoc was out cold. Sanbalet used a spell to make Dawdoc the exact likeness of Kochka and Ashkinazi used the preparation from Tsgaa, which made Dawdoc take on the old wizard's memories and mannerisms but without his powers. Kochka's body was then buried. If they'd searched his boots before burying him they'd have found a ring on his big toe. Dawdoc (who everyone thinks is really Kochka) knows about Kochka's body and knows there was a ring but is unable to say anything due to the magic. He doesn't know exactly where Kochka was buried. The curse must be removed by Tsgaa, who will only obey them if they can defeat his human, Blazen.


Killdevil Hill


Ral Partha Volcano

Ralthar Village

River Nishada

River Panchala

Sardisian Mountains

As it is summer and Tieli is quite touristy and cosmopolitan with busy trade, the streets will be bustling during the day and there will still be folk out and about at all hours of the night, though not so many.

Use common sense for the area of town and the time.