Unholy Pepper

From Darfuria

Unholy Pepper (alteration, necromantic)

  • Level: 3
  • Range: Special
  • Duration: Special
  • Area of effect: Special
  • Components: V,S,M
  • Casting time: Special
  • Saving throw: None
  • Researched by: Pozor

This spell must be cast as the intended victim grinds, sprinkles or otherwise puts pepper on their meal to season it. It can only be cast on one subject at a time. The caster must also have a meal of their own handy at the same time.

To cast the spell, the wizard must sneeze, noisily and violently, before the pepper is fully sprinkled, in such a fashion as to cause some of their own meal to become splashed on, spilled over or otherwise stuck to some part of their own face, and any part of the victim’s person or clothes they are wearing.

The wizard must make a roll to hit, adjusted by the DM according to the degrees of difficulty dictated by circumstances. Both parties have to be thusly affected by the same sneeze, though a wizard would only fail to affect himself on a roll of 1, which should then be followed by another d20 roll to determine if any other nearby individuals should be hit. DM fiendishness and an appreciation of comedy should be encouraged.

If the wizard fails at the first attempt, they may try again once for every three caster levels, i.e. 2 sneezes at levels 1-3, 3 sneezes at levels 4-6, 4 sneezes at levels 7-9, and so on, up to a maximum of 10 sneezes. Should they be unable to hit their intended victim with the maximum amount of allotted sneezes, the spell is wasted. All these sneezes take place in the same outbreak in one round.

The intended victim must save vs. breath weapon, and if they succeed the spell has no effect. Otherwise the target will always continue peppering their meal, possibly with an expression of surprise, amazement, disgust or humour, until the wizard’s outburst of extraordinary spluttering ceases.

If the wizard is successful in causing an accurate spray of debris and the victim consumes any of the meal they peppered, they will be struck down with a random disease (DMG1 p. 14) which first manifests itself 2 + 1d20 hours after the casting of the spell. This disease may be fatal or very slight, depending on its nature. The victim can be cured only by magic such as remove curse, cure disease, neutralise poison, heal, limited wish, wish or alter reality.

It should be noted that following the sneezing, the victim does not necessarily feel any more or less compelled than normal to eat any of their meal.