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Ancient History of Darfuria

The ancient history of Darfuria is everything that happened in Darfuria before we started playing. The Darfurian Legend, on the main page, can be considered a part of this.

A long time ago, much of the forest in Darfuria was connected. The Qwarm and Taur Geldor were allegedly all one forest, for example. Due to wars between the various races and wars with invaders from other lands, such as the Nassar, much forest was lost. Some elves from Taur Geldor can remember those times.

More recently, the Nassar attempted an invasion. They set off from their homelands in the frozen far south and took over much of the continent. Eventually their forces were defeated in Darfuria and they were driven back to their homelands. The ranger Ragnar had a part to play in this.

Modern History of Darfuria

The modern history of Darfuria is made from the many adventures that we have had and the events that have occured in the time since we started playing.

Many events are lost to the mists of time and are nothing more than vague scraps of decades-old memory. There are plenty that have been recorded however, and perhaps with some cunning research more might be discovered and added.

There are also plenty of adventures that we have no records of any more. The list below may be long, but it is by no means exhaustive. In all probablity, the rest is lost.


# Start Date Finish Date Event DM No. of Chrs Characters Players Notes
8401 1984 ? Palace of the Silver Princess (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palace_of_the_Silver_Princess) Cliff 9 Barstead, Sidewinder, Pujol, Reaper, Grollopus, Raniel the All-Told, Blurg, +2 (Richard's thief, Andreas's cleric, both died) George, Yvonne, Andreas, Richard, Simon The party would have wiped were it not for the bears that were befriended. They defeated the white apes that defeated everyone else! The magic users and thieves spent most of the adventure being dead, so just fighters and clerics completed it. Played over several sessions in Richard's bedsit at 39 Buller Road, Exeter.
8402 ? ? Trial by Fire (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trial_by_Fire_(Judges_Guild)) Cliff 6 Bolarb, Suliman, Semmerith, Emmerell, Ozzy, Sayla George, Richard, Yvonne Played at Exeter University. Richard rolled the character Semmerith from new and everyone else was amazed to witness him roll 18/00 for strength.
8403 ? ? Tunnels 1 Random Dungeon Generation 10 Esinrah, Osswestry, Slattery, Lutch, Bolarb, Irth, Restel, Suliman, Umbrij, Sohrab George An all nighter at 31 Cowick Lane, Exeter.
8404 ? ? The Realm of Darfuria Cliff 15 Barstead, Sidewinder, Irth, Pujol, Reaper, Strada, Modus, Dildo, Semmerith, Arion Tanarl, Omigron, Ragnar, Jerry Cornelius, Elric, Aragorn George, Yvonne, Richard A city adventure written by Cliff set mostly in Tibesti. Played at Richard's bedsit over several sessions. Ragnar was an NPC who helped out a lot. Jerry Cornelius, Aragorn and Elric were all rescued from Tibesti prison. Due to a time slip, several characters ended up with firearms. Very silly and rather fun.
8405 ? ? Tunnels 1.5 Random Dungeon Generation 8 Umbrij, Restel, Suliman, Lutch, Esinrah, Osswestry, Astrid, Bolarb George Another all nighter at 31 Cowick Lane, Exeter. It was discovered that this had taken place after subsequent 'Tunnels' mini-adventures had been numbered, so this one is 1.5.
8406 ? ? The Serpent's Venom (https://fabledlands.blogspot.com/2016/09/the-serpents-venom.html) Cliff 7 Raniel the All-Told, Barstead, Lutch, Grollopus, Wu Li, Semmerith, Melitta Seret George, Andreas, Richard A mini adventure from Dragon magazine, or White Dwarf perhaps. Played in one or perhaps two sessions at Richard's bedsit. George had been given custody of Raniel the All-Told, which turned out to be permanent, and Andreas only occasionally popped his head round the door to join in if necessary.
8407 ? ? Tunnels 2 Random Dungeon Generation 8 Astrid, Tallon, Ferrius, Mr E S Man, JR, Morrisow, Sullivan, Salandel George This went rather badly wrong and the party was wiped by troglodytes. Astrid, Tallon, Ferrius and Salandel survived or ran away or were rescued a short time later. The others were lost.
8408 ? ? The Jeweller's Shop Cliff 6 Umbrij, Suliman, Restel, Esinrah, Lutch, Osswestry George Forced into desperate measures to raise their friends who were slaughtered by troglodytes, this adventure was conceived and first played one night at Richard's bedit. A fiendishly hard place to rob, created by Cliff. This small adventure became notorious and claimed many parties' lives. Esinrah, Lutch and Osswestry died and the other three went insane. Some time later, Suliman raised Esinrah, Lutch and Osswestry from the dead and converted them to his deity (Donblas the Justice Maker) and alignment (LG).
8409 ? ? Jeweller's Shop 2 Cliff 11 Bolarb, Hallerith, Hinni, Iarvaric, Mundai, Nallow, Slattery, Poluki, Sohrab, Tarn, Wasa George An easier jeweller's shop to rob and four theives, rather than one. Expensive business, paying for cures and raise deads.
8410 ? ? Tunnels 3 Random Dungeon Generation 12 Tallon, Bolarb, Raniel the All-Told, Tarn, Mundai, Astrid, Iarvaric, Nallow, Poluki, Restel, Sohrab, Umbrij George No party wipes. Yay.
8411 ? ? Troglodyte Bashing 1 Yvonne 10 Tallon, Bolarb, Ferrius, Hinni, Iarvaric, Restel, Slattery, Sohrab, Wasa, Umbrij George It was Yvonne's first attempt at DMing and as such she unexpectedly gave out a few highly overpowered magic items for such a low level party. Cliff was most disgruntled when he found out.
8412 ? ? Troglodyte Bashing 2 Cliff 14 Poluki, Bolarb, Sleeth, Iarvaric, Tallon, Suliman, Wasa, Slattery, Astrid, Ferrius, Hallerith, Restel, Sohrab, Umbrij George A more straightforward outbreak of troglodyte bashing this time. No good loot.
8413 ? ? Monster Manual 'A' Yvonne 6 Tallon, Hallerith, Restel, Suliman, Iarvaric, Bolarb George A simple scenario created by Yvonne. At least one of every creature from the Monster Manual had to be defeated. This scenario was supposed to be part 1 of 26, the 'A' section. No other parts were subsequently created.
8414 ? ? Merchant Ship Cliff 6 Iarvaric, Suliman, Tallon, Restel, Bolarb and possibly one other, perhaps Umbrij. George A simple scenario created by Cliff in which a few of George's characters raided a ship. Iarvaric was the tank who flew onto the deck, taking the attention of the sailors and causing maximum devastation. Bolarb probably used his Platemail of Etherealness to rescue drowning party members. Tallon probably died. He died a lot.
8415 ? ? Castle Amber ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castle_Amber_(module) ) Andreas 7 Iarvaric, Irth, Jherek, Caspian, Kronosia, Sayla, Ozzy George, Cliff, Angie, Yvonne This was played at Andreas's room at 39 Buller Road in the late spring or early summer of 1984. It might have been the last adventure that Angie played. She missed a few sessions of the game and the rest of the group played her characters in her absence. This may have been when Kronosia was killed and reincarnated as a kobold, and Caspian had his deity changed (in Angie's absence) to Nanna-Sin.
8416 ? ? The Haunted Vault Cliff 6 Tarn, Iama, Christ, Anvil, Annabel, Splodge George, Adrian, Sean, Pete A spontaneous adventure played at Flat D a few days before Cliff, Yvonne and George moved in. Sean, Adrian and Pete were living there and about to move out. The whole episode was completed in a single evening's session. There was a large dark room of many pillars, and somehow everyone survived. Pete wandered around the flat naked, saying he couldn't find his underpants, and trying to fix things with Blu Tack. Adrian was mad as a hatter and was sectioned soon after. Sean, who was a fine guitarist and a thoughtful fellow, had another go at D&D later.
8417 ? ? Sidewinder's Speed Scrolls Cliff ? Sidewinder, Barstead, Restel, probably three or four others George Wanting to make some of their weapons "...of Speed", a few adventurers went in search of arcane ingredients to make some scrolls to merge into the weapons. Sidewinder was the scribe and enchanter-in-chief. It was a success! Probably the first adventure played at Flat D.
8418 ? ? The Temple of Kaa'Das Andreas? 8? Suliman, Sidewinder, Restel, Tallon, Iarvaric, Irth, Ozzy, Pujol, possibly 1 or 2 more? George, Yvonne An adventure played in the early days of Flat D. No clear memories and no evidence of what happened. Mysterious!
8419 ? ? Demon Bashing Cliff 5? Barstead, Umbrij, Sidewinder, Bolarb, Tallon, perhaps more. George Another adventure played in the early days of Flat D. It is likely that a few people would have died, although Bolarb probably didn't. This may have been to make more scrolls for further item enchantments.
8420 ? ? The Inkwell Andreas 6? Suliman, Iarvaric, Irth, Restel, Sidewinder, Tallon. Possibly more. George In search of more ingredients for magical ink, the party set off to meet a sect of clerics living in some caves in the mountains. Suliman, being the cleric who instigated the mission, attempted to talk with the clerics. After he didn't come back, the rest of the party went to investigate. Suliman lay dead with a broken neck! That was a surprise! The rest of the party finished the mission successfully. Everyone could have raised their WIS by smoking some special hashish they found in a room with a large tuning fork that needed to be sounded, but they didn't realise. Never mind!
8421 ? ? The House on Hangman's Hill (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_on_Hangman%27s_Hill) Cliff 9? Then, many. Gustavus, Sihsha, Shittit D'Phan, Yanta, Mentarq, Grollopus, Abnara, Nallow, Slattery. Then: Bolarb, Raniel the All-Told, Jangre. Then: Suliman, Krisain, Hinni, Fighter Flo, Tarn, Poluki, Napoleon, Reaper, Magicman, Astrid, Sleeth, Satira, Mundai, Hallerith, Ferrius. Andreas, Yvonne, George An extraordinary adventure! Another one where Cliff's ruthless DMing wiped the party. There were probably nine original party members who were overwhelmed by a neverending tide of kobolds. Grollopus had become one of Yvonne's characters by now. It would seem Bolarb, Raniel and Jangre (Andreas's 7th level illusionist) were the first rescuers on the scene. Then many other characters that belonged to Yvonne and George got together to try to effect a rescue, along with Krisain, who was one of Andreas's characters and perhapos a 14th level magic user. Ultimately everyone was rescued and the dungeon remained unfinished. Many different character connections were made and it was the beginning of some new character friendships and emnities.
8422 ? ? The Cyclops Caves Andreas 5 Olaf Ragnarsson, Castrol, Iarvaric, Suliman, Irth. Cliff, George "Alignment: not nice" Andreas wrote of the cyclops. Probably an attempt to gain more materials for enchanting items. Irth came along after the fighting was done and some treasure needed to be identified, such as the xenades. Castrol kicked Suliman in the shins when trying something out, which seemed unfriendly and disrespectful, but there we have it. They never really liked each other much.
8423 ? ? Spiderbite (from White Dwarf #55) Yvonne 8 Abnara, Gimley, Huru, Pious Kwaird, Rustum, Sarnin, Thlaili, Wasa. George This was a short and rather fun adventure played one afternoon at Flat D.
8424 ? ? Nallow's Bandits Cliff 7 Nallow, Astrid, Barstead, Bolarb, Raniel the All-Told, Tarn, Umbrij. George Nallow needed a base for his druidic and thieving activities. He fancied himself as a highwayman. A stronghold near Taur Geldor was perfect! A group of bandits already inhabited the place, so Nallow and some friends cleared them out, making the road from Derahelb to Serrador much safer.
8425 ? ? The Sunfire's Heart (from White Dwarf #56) Yvonne 7? Abnara, Ferrius, Gimley, Pious Kwaird, Poluki, Slattery, Thlaili. George This was another short and rather fun adventure played over one or two afternoons at Flat D.
* * * Richard left the campaign here. He gave away all of his characters except Grillish and Roolish the Ridiculous, his Bat People. * 19? Arion Tanarl, Blurg, Condo, Corbrey, Daglin, Dildo, Emmerell, Galzai of Larsha, Gertrude, Lu-Tsin Jart, Melitta Seret, Modus, Omigron, Semmerith, Strada, Tesla, Torqus, Wu Li, Zargfrebe. Cliff, George Cliff and George rolled d20s to see who would become the custodian of which character. George got more of them. Arion (to George) and Omigron (to Cliff) were separated, and the mother winning custody of their child (Semmerith, to Cliff).
* * * Graham joined the campaign. * 0 n/a Graham We first met Graham at a D&D club run by the owner of the local games shop, The Games Cupboard. It was held weekly for a couple of hours, upstairs at Bart's Tavern. The adventure was run by Cliff and there were a number of other players who we never saw again. Jack the Frag joined the group and had a character called Praggler the Wizanoid, was turned out to be the star of the show. We took an instant liking to Graham and he then became a regular at Flat D.
8426 ? ? Dragonfall Graham 9 Arion Tanarl, Iarvaric, Suliman, Tallon, Sidewinder, Irth, Restel, Nallow, Umbrij. George George wanted to do a quick land clearance so that Suliman could build his temple of Donblas the Justice Maker. He showed Graham how to do it. The party were hidden under a cloak of invisibility for most of the clearance. When the mini adventure was almost done, Cliff arrived home from work and had a word in Graham's ear. Suddenly the party were strafed with fire from an invisible ancient red dragon! It could see through the party's invisibility due to its hit dice and intelligence (something the party were unable to do, even though the party had members with higher intelligence and more hit dice than the dragons). Some of the party were toasted at once. The next round, a second invisible dragon strafed the party with its fire. Many who narrowly survived the first round didn't survive the second. In the third round, a third invisible dragon strafed the party with fire. Only Suliman, Arion aand Iarvaric survived the onslaught and finished off the dragons between them. A simple afternoon's land clearance had turned out to be such a dramatic event that Suliman named his temple Dragonfall. Cliff said that the party were lucky that all three dragons didn't attack at the same time! Graham said that anyone on -50 or fewer hit points would need a resurrection rather than a raise dead, which seemed reasonable, and anyone on fewer than -100 hit points would be unable to be resurrected. George protested due to it being Graham's first ever attempt at DMing, and in the end everyone was resurrected... eventually.
8427 ? 02.01.1257 Trollcaster's Lair Simon 9 Mundai, Strada, Raniel the All-Told, Angbor, Lexicus, Sabrina, Marion, Grollopus, Yanta. George, Cliff, Yvonne This was an extraordinary and rather baffling adventure set in the world of Eron, Simon's old campaign world, to which the party had somehow travelled. There were a few encounters with an assortment of weird people and the party were accompanied by an NPC guide. Simon was not keen on the way that the party used magic to solve things and became increasingly more frustrated with the approx. 4th/5th level party's use of magic. A naga dispelled magic, all of it, during an encounter, and afterwards the party found their guide had fallen into a pit to his death. It was a sign. Everyone gave up on the idea at that point. The adventure was abandoned and everyone returned home, somehow.
8428 ? ? The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sinister_Secret_of_Saltmarsh) Yvonne 10 Wasa, Salandel, Phosygen, Animal, Ralshez, Moola, Nerasia, Perry, Orlandon, Bronbus. George, Graham, Cliff, Phil, Di, Jack the Frag Yvonne ran this dungeon for several players who never played much more. Phil's (Moola), Di's (Nerasia and Perry) and Jack's (Orlandon and Bronbus) characters all became George's in the end. The adventure was completed, although not entirely, and was largely fairly successful, with various unanswered questions remaining. This was almost certainly the last adventure that took place in 1984.


# Start Date Finish Date Event DM No. of Chrs Characters Players Notes
8501 ? 02.01.1257 The Ruined Keep Cliff 8 Higlicula, Myrth of the Stray, Spazzmotz the Bold, Ranak-Po, Streenyara, Storpick, Fedax Si-Hulmin, Huru. Ken, Yvonne, George This must have been the first adventure of 1985 as Ken is a player, and he moved to Exeter on 1st January 1985. He tried to join in with us but it never really worked out. George became the eventual custodian of his three characters. A peculiar thing that happened in this adventure was that the deity whose temple the party were meant to ransack happened to be also Fedax's deity, so he was not too happy about it. This may have been an adventure that Cliff or Richard created (but probably isn't), or perhaps it is a Treasure Map or an adventure from a magazine such as Dragon or White Dwarf. More research needed.
8502 ? 22.11.1256? Death Knight #2 Cliff 9 Sidewinder, Barstead, Bolarb, Iarvaric, Irth, Tallon, Arion Tanarl, Umbrij, Suliman. George Cliff decided to challenge some of George's characters wiht a death knight from the Fiend Folio. Apparently there were only 12 of them, and one had already been defeated. Although the party prevailed, Sidewinder died and failed his resurrection roll, becoming an ex-player character. RIP Sidewinder.
8503 31.12.1256 03.01.1257 Restel's Gauntlets Cliff 7? Restel, Barstead, Nallow, Melitta Seret, Tallon, Tarn, possibly one more, a cleric? George Restel had recently become a four-armed human in his quest towards becomng a bard. He needed some special dexterity enhancing gauntlets to be able to use them all properly and set off with some friends to find the ingredients he needed.
8504 19.01.1257 25.01.1257 Tunnels 4 Random Dungeon Generation 8 Hinni, Slattery, Abnara, Pious Kwaird, Hallerith, Melitta Seret, Wu Li, Rustum. George Probably relatively successful with not much reward, not much info.
8505 25.01.1257 ? Tunnels 5 Random Dungeon Generation 8 Thlaili, Poluki, Fedax Si-Hulmin, Sleeth, Huru, Modus, Ferrius, Daglin. George Probably relatively successful with not much reward, not much info.
8506 ? 16.12.1256? The Quest for the Holy Grail Cliff 8 Suliman, Iarvaric, Irth, Arion Tanarl; Pujol, Ozzy, Reaper, Treena?. George, Yvonne Loosely based on the Monty Python film, this was something Cliff created at Flat D. Suliman needed something for his magical holy symbol, and there was probably something here that would have been useful, as well as the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. The characters which Yvonne took are guessed - perhaps Sayla was present instead of Reaper? This may well have been the occasion when Treena's existence ended, by Feather Falling into a Sphere of Annihilation.
8507 11.01.1257 20.01.1257 The Temple of Terror Graham 9 Sohrab, Gimley, Bolarb, Andrex, Dildo, Lexicus, Lyncyren, Napoleon, Bonzo. George, Cliff, Yvonne This was almost certainly something that Graham created for the three players. It may have been fairly short in terms of play sessions. Not much info.
8508 ? ? Tunnels 6 Random Dungeon Generation 9 Gertrude, Blurg, Karus, Sarnin, Nyren Teldork, Corbrey, Tarn, Lu-Tsin Jart, Bo Vezzo George Probably relatively successful with not much reward, not much info. Karus may have been created to bolster the party's healing a bit.
8509 06.05.1257 14.05.1257 Hell's Portal (https://www.reddit.com/r/MrRipper/comments/137gzve/hells_portal_adnd_minimodule/) Cliff? 8 Karus, Slattery, Lutch, Osswestry, Esinrah, Wu Li, Abnara, Wasa. George A mini module from White Dwarf #27 (https://rpggeek.com/rpgissue/51719/white-dwarf-issue-27-oct-1981). Not much memory about this, other than we still have it and played it again with other parties subsequently. This version may have been DM'd by Yvonne, or Graham. Cliff is the best guess as he had subscription to White Dwarf. The Darfurian date and the presence of Lutch, Osswestry and Esinrah suggests this took place after Suliman had researched his Convert spell. That particular trio had all fallen foul of The Jeweller's Shop (see entry 8408 above). Suliman resurrected his three hapless companions from that particularly disastrous escapade and converted them to his deity (Donblas the Justice Maker) and alignment (LG). This may have been played after Cliff, Yvonne and George had moved out of Flat D.
8510 21.04.1257 21.04.1257 The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Against_the_Giants) Cliff 10 Tallon, Iarvaric, Nallow, Irth, Bolarb, Sayla, Yanta, Magicman, Yatsu, Kase. George, Yvonne, Graham The classic first part of The Giant Modules. The party were fairly overpowered for this and quickly raced through the whole dungeon. Sayla managed to negotiate a peace with all of the captured orcs that were trying to escape and they left unharmed. Sayla also added to her collection of foreskins of defeated victims for her grisly cloak. This was almost certainly played after Flat D days.
8511 24.04.1257 29.04.1257 The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Against_the_Giants) Cliff 11 Tallon, Iarvaric, Nallow, Irth, Bolarb, Sayla, Yanta, Magicman, Yatsu, Kase, L'Fete. George, Yvonne, Graham L'Fete may have been an NPC, or perhaps somebody that a guest player played. This part of the adventure didn't go so well. As Cliff had bolstered the giants' defences somewhat, as indeed the text of the module recommends if the giants have time to do so, the party were unable to penetrate the second level. In the end, they gave up and ran away. However, this would have made them outlaws if they didn't plan to return, as the text of the module says that anyone failing to complete the mission would be executed! Seems rather harsh. So after a time, further assaults on the dreaded Frost Giants would be attempted.
8512 08.05.1257 08.05.1257 The Battle with Ognoz Blinstroff Cliff 2 Tallon, Ognoz Blinstroff. George Tallon needed to defeat Ognoz to become a level 9 monk. Right at the start of the dual, Ognoz Blinstroff threw some dust over Tallon which negated all of the effects of Dsal-Dsai's books that he had studied. Tallon lost the dual and had to start again at the beginning of level 8. Tallon subsequently always held a grudge against Ognoz Blinstroff as he believed his opponent cheated.
8513 26.02.1257 09.03.1257 The Dragon's Pleasure Yvonne 14 Barstead, Ferrius, Hinni, Mundai, Umbrij, Melitta Seret, Raniel the All-Told; then Modus, Sarnin, Strada, Arion Tanarl, Bo Vezzo; then Ozzy, Pujol. George This was a rather fun adventure that Yvonne created at Flat D. After encountering various odd beings, there was a dragon to deal with. The party decided they needed more firepower and fetched some help. What with Sidewinder failing his resurrection roll a few adventures previously, there was no magic user in the party of high enough level. This help went on to include a couple of Yvonne's own player characters. "Come on Pujy, come with us!" enthused Ozzy after the party realised they needed even more power. The Dragon's Pleasure still exists as an anotated map and made a subsequent appearance, as shall be seen later.


# Start Date Finish Date Event DM No. of Chrs Characters Players Notes
8601 18.07.1257 20.07.1259 Beyond the Crystal Cave (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beyond_the_Crystal_Cave) Cliff 9 Poluki, Nyren Teldork, Tarn, Restel, Pious Kwaird, Daglin, Astrid, Fedax Si-Hulmin, Modus. George This adventure took a couple of years to complete in terms of game time. It rather through a spanner in the works of our - at that time - relatively new diary system for determining where in time everybody was. From memory, nothing terribly bad happened to anyone. All in all, rather a strange adventure, and if one uses a time system to keep track of events, this one may be best avoided.
8602 03.05.1257 04.05.1257 Barstead's Land Clearance Graham? 8 Barstead, Ferrius, Iarvaric, Mundai, Raniel the All-Told, Strada, Tallon, Umbrij. George Barstead was constructing a castle and needed to clear the area around it. It was probably a success and didn't take too long and was probably played at 62 Victoria Street.
8603 04.04.1257 07.04.1257 The Ghost Tower of Inverness (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ghost_Tower_of_Inverness) Cliff? 8 Blurg, Gimley, Hallerith, Huru, Rustum, Sarnin, Sohrab, Bo Vezzo. George No clear memories, more research needed.
8604 29.07.1257? 30.07.1257? The Tomb of Horrors (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomb_of_Horrors) Cliff 9 Yatsu, Felaine, Norton, Kragg, Kranak, Arion Tanarl, Hinni, Restel, Melitta Seret. Graham, George This was a rather fun and scary adventure, made more scary by Cliff's DMing, which was always quite ruthless and a good challenge. The Tomb of Horrors has a reputation that was certainly deserved. The adventure was played at 13 Hillside Avenue. Kragg performed some splendid thieving heroics during the first half of the adventure, and Hinni performed some during the second half. Arion was squashed by a weird elephant on wheels and just about everyone died at least once during the adventure. In the end the party prevailed and the last boss didn't prove to be too troublesome because the party were fairly well prepared for what lay in store.
8605 ?.?.1259 ?.?.1259 Bugbear Beating Graham 6 Astrid, Daglin, Modus, Blurg, Gimley, Hallerith. George An all-nighter at 62 Victoria Street complete with Graham's special toast and not enough tobacco. Was it a land clearance for somebody, or did somebody simply have some kind of vendetta against bugbears they needed to sate? This may have further compounded the temporal confufulations of Beyond the Crystal Cave, as Astrid, Modus and Daglin took part on both, meaning that a couple of years must have passed for Gimley, Blurg and Hallerith too.
8606 The Clearing of Castle Caldwell (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castle_Caldwell_and_Beyond) Cliff 8 Renka, Phosygen, Sarine of Tugalia, Harvarr, Salandel, Stagl Abadag, Slellal Carlellon, Hirus Darblake. Graham, George Was this at Hillside Avenue or Victoria Street? Whichever it was, the outcome was successful. The party didn't attempt any further parts of the adventure though.
8607 05.06.1257 Tunnels 7 Random Dungeon Generation 8 Slellal Carlellon, Fingers, Stagl Abadag, Hirus Darblake, Blai Bonesnapper, Druskin, Nugmil, Slurb. George It may have been the case that the four characters who completed The Clearing of Castle Caldwell were all close to gaining levels, so embarked upon a short quest to see if they could manage it. Nobody died and there was probably not much treasure or XP, and exactly what happened remains largely mysterious.
8608 30.07.1257 01.08.1257 Tunnels 8 Random Dungeon Generation 8 Druskin, Galzai of Larsha, Huru, Nugmil, Salandel, Slurb, Condo, Felquis Slywils. George Nobody died and there was probably not much treasure or XP, and exactly what happened remains largely mysterious.
8609 02.09.1257 11.09.1257 When A Star Falls (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/When_a_Star_Falls) Graham 6 Nugmil, Felquis Slywils, Slellal Carlellon, Druskin, Condo, Blai Bonesnapper. George This was an official module that Graham had had for a while and in the end it was played over two or three sessions at 62 Victoria Street. It was rather confusing but nothing very bad happened and everyone succeeded in finishing the adventure with their lives intact.


# Start Date Finish Date Event DM No. of Chrs Characters Players Notes
8701 03.09.1257 06.09.1257 The Temple of Set Graham 7 Tesla, Torqus, Sleeth, Zargfrebe, Huru, Galzai of Larsha, Salandel. George This may have been a treasure map from a Deck of Many Things. Graham made a rather wonderful message using the Egyptian heiroglyphs in the DDG. There then followed a bizarre quest, which ended successfully.
8702 28.06.1257 11.07.1257 The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl (Revisited) Cliff 11 Strada, Barstead, Ferrius, Mundai, Raniel the All-Told, Tallon, Iarvaric, Umbrij, Nallow, Irth, Bolarb. George This adventure took a few years to complete! Eventually it was finished in 1992. The giants had built a bomb factory when the party returned to complete their task. The bombs were like typical throwing rocks for giants, except they could explode for an additional 8d6 alchemical damage in a 10' radius and required a save vs. petrification for half damage for any caught by the flying shrapnel. Strada was the first character on the scene and he did some scouting and defeated a few giants in ones and twos. Snow covered his tracks after he prayed. After a couple of days, Barstead and Ferrius arrived. They defeated a few more of the giants and did a bit more scouting. Strada found where the bombs were being made and stored. After another couple of days, Mundai, Iarvaric, Raniel and Tallon all arrived. Strada flew off again and came to sort kind of grief. One of the others wished for him to return, but the way they worded the Wish ("as he was the last time we saw him") he returned to life as a hawk, instead of a human! He is still a hawk, able to Polymorph into human form. The party had another foray inside the dungeon to grab some of the rocks and put them in a Bag of Holding, which was partly successful. As Barstead was running out of the place being pursued by giants, he Feather Falled off the edge of the cliff and landed directly on one of the white puddings at the bottom of the rift. Another wish was required to bring Barstead back. Umbrij and Nallow were the next to arrive and then Irth and Bolarb joined the others. The party was complete. Meanwhile, Strada and Tallon took a flight over the dungeon and dropped some of the exploding rocks they had gathered in a few select spots to cause maximum devastation. It worked brilliantly! A large amount of the top level of the dungeon was completely obliterated. Eventually, after the steam and smoke had cleared, they decided to mount a full attack. A few died along the way. They set off many piles of bombs, eventually defeating the rest of the giants and finally finishing the dungeon. Umbrij sadly perished and failed his resurrection roll. RIP Umbrij.
8703 ? ? Kronosia's Warehouse Graham? 2 Kronosia, Caspian. George Kronosia wanted to set up a thieves' guild and did so in Rhoona by defeating the guild that was already there.


# Start Date Finish Date Event DM No. of Chrs Characters Players Notes
8801 03.09.1257 06.09.1257 Seiga's Riddance Graham 7 Lutch, Bo Vezzo, Tesla, Sarnin, Abnara, Gertrude, Rustum. George Clearing the land around Seiga of some pesky monsters. Quite a quick adventure.
8802 19.06.1257 23.06.1257 The Tale of Lord Death Graham 6 Osswestry, Wasa, Karus, Slattery, Sohrab, Wu Li. George This was another of Graham's rather wonderful heiroglyph creations. "I am darkness, death and decay..." began the message. A rather short and fun adventure.
8803 08.11.1257 23.11.1257 Sarnin's Treasure Map: The Search for Elbrina Graham 11 Tesla, Sarnin, Abnara, Gertrude, Rustum, Lutch, Bo Vezzo, Hirus Darblake, Slurb, Club, White Star. George This was a tremendously fun adventure that Graham created spontaneously as it went along. It consisted of several parts, the last of which was when a building caught fire during a boss fight and it was a scramble to get all the treasure out in time. Somebody fell down a deep pit at one point and Sarnin immediately jumped down to rescue them without a thought for her own wellbeing, taking a lot of damage herself and successfully saving the person who fell. Tesla was often the leader of the group. It was played at 32 Howell Road in the attic room. Club and White Star were NPCs. White Star was an assassin and Club was a big fighter who couldn't speak. They came along and helped throughout the adventure.
8804 Hallerith's Land Clearance Graham 6 Hallerith, Daglin, Modus, Fedax Si-Hulmin, Gimley, Poluki. George Hallerith needed to clear the land around the site where he planned to set up his temple and laboratory at Southcliff Castle. It was a fairly brief and successful mission.
8805 15.01.1257 19.01.1257 The Great Fosweld Rescue 14 Bakra Son of Baric of Sarath of The Qwarm, Balron-Ti of Tugalia, Bronbus, Higlicula, Moola, Myrth of the Stray, Nerasia, Orlandon, Perry, Praggler the Wizanoid, Spazzmotz the Bold, Spijwang, Radnor, Placebo. George This was a playtest of the newly updated dungeon The Fosweld Somnolence. Several characters that had previously belonged to Sean (Spijwang, Radnor and Placebo) and Jack the Frag (Bronbus, Orlandon and Praggler) were broken out of Fosweld from where they had been abandoned after the last session of the game had taken place several years previously. The characters who did the breaking out were characters that George had also inherited, from Richard (Bakra and Balron), Ken (Higlicula, Myrth and Spazzmotz), Phil (Moola) and Di (Nerasia and Perry).
8806 Duneham's Island Graham 4 Arion Tanarl, Restel, Hinni, Melitta Seret. George Duneham had built himself a stronghold on an island to the southwest of Darfuria and fortified it with various magical and mechanical defenses. He invited the party to come and try to break in, to see if it was secure, promising to restore anybody who happened to suffer a severe mishap. Although nobody did, the fortess proved to be impenetrable. The four battle hardened adventurers assured Duneham his new home was safe and everybody went home, leaving Duneham to his spell research.


# Start Date Finish Date Event DM No. of Chrs Characters Players Notes
8901 The Liberators Graham 6 Astrid, Blurg, Pious Kwaird, Thlaili, Tarn, Nyren Teldork. George This was probably a land clearance to remove some pesky monsters from a town, which may have been Ikkur. No clear memories.


# Start Date Finish Date Event DM No. of Chrs Characters Players Notes
9201 13.05.1257 13.05.1257 The Dual with Fengal the Archdruid Cliff 2 Fengal, Irth. George Irth had to fight the current archdruid to claim his new level. Irth won and became the Archdruid.
9202 13.05.1257 13.05.1257 The Dual with Lia Po Cliff 2 Lia Po, Tallon. George Tallon had enough XP to go up two levels. First he had to dual Lia Po at Kol-Ibur. Tallon lost and failed to become 10th level monk.
9203 14.05.1257 14.05.1257 The Dual with Li Spon Cliff 2 Li Spon, Tallon. George It was the next day and Tallon still had enough XP to go up a level, but now he had to dual Li Spon. Tallon won and became a 9th level monk.