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27 December 2023

  • curprev 17:4217:42, 27 December 2023Nurgleplupface talk contribs empty −1,175 Blanked the page Tag: Blanking
  • curprev 15:5215:52, 27 December 2023Nurgleplupface talk contribs 1,175 bytes +1,175 Created page with "Darfuria is a fictional land. It has been the setting for an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons campaign (1st/2nd/3rd edition) that has been running since 1984. Darfuria is similar in size to Wales, with a climate similar to that of Spain. The eastern half of the country is wilder and more mountainous, and the western half is more developed and well ordered. Darfuria is a multicultural melting pot and home to many diverse races, where the worship of most pantheons of deitie..."